Daily API RoundUp: eGifter, BrightLocal, flydubai, Rubrik, Thirstie

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Twenty-one APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Rewards, Air Travel, and Science. Highlights include flydubai APIs and the ECart API for connecting to every eCommerce cart via one Integration. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Iduna FLY is an airplane-specific flight preparation tool. The Iduna FLY APITrack this API allows users to access data from the Iduna FLY tool. This API enables requests of data from Iduna Fly to process on the user's side, and then passes all the necessary data to Iduna to perform the calculations and return flight specific results. The service currently works with 65 different aircraft. The API is listed in the Air Travel category.

Iduna Fly API

Screenshot: Iduna FLY

BrightLocal is a marketing Platform that focused on local businesses. The BrightLocal APITrack this API is a REST interface that provides access to local SEO tools. The API supports methods for local directories, reviews, rankings, and more, and is listed in the Marketing category.

U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) govinfo APITrack this API provides data associated with the U.S. Government. This API allows developers to retrieve content from U.S. Government publications. Data is provided in JSON format and information could be bill summaries, Acts, Federal regulations, manuals, laws, Supreme Court decisions, and much more. The API is under the Government category.

ECart APITrack this API is an all-in-one solution that connects to several eCommerce platforms. The API can be utilized to retrieve products, variants, images, orders, customers, and categories. Data is offered in JSON format. The following marketplaces are available: eBay, PrestaShop, Magento, Kometia, Mercado Libre, WooCommerce, Shopify, and Amazon. This API is listed in our eCommerce category.

Lorem Picsum APITrack this API provides random or specific uploaded images as placeholders. Developers need to specify a desired image size (width & height) at the end of the request URL. Grayscale and blur effects can be applied to any image. This API is listed in the Photos category.

Lorem Picsum

Screenshot: Unsplash/Picsum

Makesweat provides tools to get sports activities online for community sports clubs, professional fitness organization and more. The Makesweat APITrack this API provides access to an online personalized fitness training and sports class platform. This includes services for booking, event administration, email, payments and more. It is filed in the Fitness category.

TEXT2DATA APITrack this API provides detailed reports of unstructured data with Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Machine Learning. TEXT2DATA can be integrated as a text analytics platform, customer experience reporting tool, and social media monitoring platform. JSON is the preferred response format of this API that is filed in the Sentiment category.

Tronald Dump APITrack this API allows access to data that returns quotes for "the dumbest things Donald Trump has ever said." It supports JSON formatted responses for several categories, and a slack integration for viewing available categories, searching categories, and personalizing search preferences. It is listed in the Entertainment category.

Rubrik offers unified enterprise data services with backup, instant recovery, archival, search, analytics, and compliance features. The Rubrik REST APITrack this API provides support for configuring, querying, and controlling all of the allowed operations of the Rubrik cloud management platform. The Rubrik API is listed in the Data category.

Innoplexus provides AI and Blockchain powered products to help professionals from pharmaceutical, life sciences, banks & financial services, and academic Institutions to gain real-time access to relevant data. The Innoplexus QueryParser Analyse APITrack this API can be utilized to Parse a given text and find out potential bio-entities and concepts such as drugs, diseases, proteins, genes, and more. The Innoplexus API is listed under the Science category.

RewardOps is a loyalty cloud platform to help businesses integrate rewards programs. The RewardOps RESTful APITrack this API allows users to manage all aspects of a rewards program. It supports data passed to and from the API in JSON format. There are API methods for rewards, brands, orders, programs and more. It is listed in the Rewards category.

eGifter Rewards is a digital rewards and incentives solutions provider. The eGifter Rewards REST APITrack this API offers access to a gift card platform that supports all types of programs. Developers can integrate their applications with eGifter in order to support and deliver gift cards. This API provides reporting, management, and tracking for gift cards. The eGifter Rewards API responds in JSON format and is also listed in our Rewards category.

WormBase ParaSite is an open-access Resource to analyse, store and present helminth genomic data, that is developed by EMBL-EBI and the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. The WormBase ParaSite REST APITrack this API provides language-neutral programmatic access to ParaSite data, parasitic worm draft genomes and genomic data in WormBase. This includes nematode and flatworm genomes in WormBase ParaSite that represents 90 species. This API is listed in the Genetics category.

Cow Clicker is a Facebook game about Facebook games. The Cow Clicker APITrack this API provides access to services that utilize Cow Clicker. This includes the ability to retrieve the cows available in Cow Clicker, retrieve information about a Cow Clicker user and more. The API is listed under the Games category.

Thirstie is a complete e-commerce solution for liquor businesses. The Thirstie APITrack this API provides data solutions for liquor brands. Developers need to contact the provider for API and Documentation access. The Thristie API has been added to the Alcohol category.

Seeuletter is a postal mail solutions provider. The Seeuletter APITrack this API allows developers to send physical mail or postcards programmatically using RESTful requests. This API can be used to send invoices, quotes, contracts, reminders, and more. Developers can customize colors, type of postage, speed of return, etc. Delivery tracking is included. The API is filed under our Mail category.

flydubai is an airline that serves 90 destinations within a five-hour flying distance from Dubai. The company offers APIs for developers to integrate with flydubai booking services. They are listed in our Air Travel category and detailed below:

flydubai Order Management APITrack this API provides a way to create a booking for a given itinerary, passenger details and selected ancillaries. It returns a booking reference that can be modified for prices, session initiation, order management, credit card payments and more.

flydubai Offer Management APITrack this API provides access to the cheapest available flight offer, and returns flight and ancillary product availability and prices.

flydubai OTA Integration Flow APITrack this API provides a way to build customer search and booking functions within your shopping flow. API methods include Fare Quote, Add to Cart, Ancillary Pricing and more.

flydubai Payment APITrack this API provides the capability to process payments for flights, and includes methods for Invoice Payment Agency Credit and a Credit Card using the flydubai Payment Gateway.

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