Daily API RoundUp: Ekata, Snovio, Turkish Airlines, Tracktry

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Fourteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Transcription, PDF, and Security. Highlights include an API for receiving alerts about the Launchkey Authentication service and several APIs for Ekata identity verification services. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Tracktry is an ecommerce parcel tracking solutions provider. The Tracktry APITrack this API retrieves tracking data for ecommerce services and notifies shipping status from DHL, FedEx, USPS, SpeedPAK, DHL eCommerce, Yun Express, China Post, Canada Post, and AliExpress Standard Shipping. Users can get data about tracking status such as time order was created, time order arrived at airport, time of arrival at customs, time of delivery, and much more. This API is listed in the Shipping category.

WatchingWords provides transcription, text search, and subtitles services. The WatchingWord Transcription REST APITrack this API enables developers to add transcription services and subtitles to applications and company workflows. It returns srt, vtt, dfxp, text, rtf, or HTML transcripts. The API is listed in the Transcription category.

WatchingWords API

Screenshot: WatchingWords

Turkish Airlines APITrack this API allows developers to retrieve specific flight information in their applications. The API supports award miles, flight miles, availability, time tables, port lists, and reservations. The Turkish Airlines API features REST architecture and offers several plans for partners which offer different rate limits. The Turkish Airlines API is listed under the Air Travel category.

MyVR is a Platform to simplify short-term rental management. The MyVR APITrack this API enables users to integrate vacation rental management data such as properties with photos, rooms, and amenities, pricing, CRM, and bookings into applications. The MyVR API is listed in our Rentals category.

GetNextCode APITrack this API enables developers to generate sequential codes from any application. The GetNextCode service supports CSV, JSON, and XML. It is listed in the Tools category.

PDFSwitch is an in-browser HTML to PDF conversion service. The PDFSwitch APITrack this API enables developers to generate PDF invoices, tickets, reports, and documents. PDFSwitch features high fidelity PDF files, browser-based PDF engine, raw HTML support, design customizations, and Amazon S3 storage support. This API is filed in the PDF category.

Snovio enables developers to synchronize lead generation processes. The Snovio APITrack this API is used to retrieve email addresses for particular domains, retrieve lists of emails from a particular domain, find email addresses by first name, last name and domain, and for email verification purposes. The API rate is limited to 60 requests per minute, and is listed in the Email category.

Snovio API

Screenshot: Snov.io

Ekata provides global identity verification for applications and a number of APIs to integrate and automate the services. We have added the following Ekata APIs to the Identity category.

Ekata Phone Intelligence APITrack this API validates the metadata attributes linked with a phone number. It aims to determine validity, displaying the country code, prepaid status, line type, and carrier.

Ekata Name Check APITrack this API compares two strings to determine if the names can be matched to a single person.

Ekata Address Validation APITrack this API validates, normalizes, and geocodes addresses from any country in the world from a single Endpoint.

Ekata Reverse Address APITrack this API retrieves address details of a physical location including legal entities, address type, if it is receiving mail, delivery point, aiming to enrich customer data.

Ekata Reverse Email APITrack this API provides email verification and data append in real-time. Developers can validate an email, get email owner's name, address, and household data. It can be useful to find all the locations, persons, and businesses associated with an email address.

Ekata Find Person APITrack this API retrieves the name and addresses information of a user including landline phone numbers, associated people, and demographic information aiming to enrich customer data.

iovation LaunchKey provides authentication through physical authentication over paired devices, as well as optional geofencing and device-stored PINs. The LaunchKey Webhooks APITrack this API enables event-based real-time communications in third-party applications connected to Launchkey's multi-factor authentication platform. The API supports authorization, session, and device link completion events. This is a Security API.

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