Daily API RoundUp: Facebook, MLScrape, SPENDiD, Algoan, Syncplicity

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Thirteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Human Resources, Validation, and Coronavirus. Highlights include new versions of Facebook APIs, an API that measures emotions, and an API for survey data standards. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Facebook recently announced new versions of the Facebook Marketing API and Facebook Graph API. Profiles of both APIs were added to ProgrammableWeb's Social category.

Facebook Marketing API v8.0Track this API provides programmatic access to data for dynamic ads, ad targeting, best practices and other ad management services. Developers should be aware taht v5.0 and v6.0 of the Marketing API will be removed from the Platform.

Facebook Graph API v8.0Track this API provides views of the Facebook social graph including people, photos, events, and pages etc., and the connections between them for friend relationships, shared content, and others. v8.0 includes changes such as required tokens for profile pictures, and ad management permission changes.

SPENDiD is a financial application creation platform that includes functions to generate demographic models, personalized budgets, plus financial health and lending scores. The SPENDiD APITrack this API enables automated budget creation and refinement experiences. SPENDiD offers three methods: Generate a spending behavioral model based on user demographics, Generate a budget, Score a budget. This API is listed in the Budget category of ProgrammableWeb.

Wyre Data APITrack this API can search for all restaurants, pubs, bars, cafes, coffee shops, and nightclubs in the UK. Find establishment names, addresses, postcodes, food hygiene ratings, local authorities, latitudes, and longitudes for over 470,000 restaurants in the UK. This API is listed in the Restaurants category.

Canvs Builds tools in measuring emotion and provides nuanced insights into audience behavior. The Canvs Content APITrack this API is a RESTful service for interacting with the Canvs emotion measuring platform. This API enables users to extract TV/video audience analysis for specific airings, submit a set of criteria to pull a full emotional analysis of a dataset, search an owned catalog index, return a list of open ends associated with a survey and more. Find this API in the Sentiment category.

Canvs.ai API

Screenshot: Canvs.ai

TSAPI is an industry standard for Transferring Survey data, via REST APITrack this API. This service returns a list of available surveys, fetches metadata for a specific survey and fetches interview records for a specific survey. Bayes Price provides this API and offers data connection, analysis, visualisation and insights to the Market Research and Business Intelligence communities. The API is lised in the Surveys category.

PeopleStrong is a HR technology company based in Asia. The PeopleStrong APITrack this API enables users to interact with PeopleStrong HR solutions. Use the API to get a list of all employees, get employee profiles, the current leave balance of an employee, submit leave requests and more. This API is listed in the Human Resources category.

Cloudaerias Types Of Clouds Recognition APITrack this API determines the type of cloud from a photograph, URL of cloud image, and probability of cloud type. The API contains the basic types of clouds (cirrus, cirrocumulus, cirrostratus, altocumulus, altostratus, alto nimbus, stratus, stratocumulus, cumulus, cumulonimbus) each of it with some description of the type of cloud and the weather forecast based on the detected type of cloud from the input photo. If the probability of prediction is under 30% then this info is not shown. This API is listed in the Weather category.

Video: DE VIS Software/YouTube

MLScrape provides Machine Learning-powered web scraping for eCommerce. The MLScrape APITrack this API is capable of extracting a product's name, price, main image URL, and identifiers such as SKU and ISBN. The MLScrape API returns JSON formatted responses and is listed in the Data Mining category.

Sanctions.io provides sanctions lists & PEP screening services. The sanctions.io APITrack this API enables developers to integrate relevant sanction lists and politically exposed persons (PEP) data with anti-money laundering (AML) transaction monitoring applications. This API covers more than 15 different sanction list sources, and country specific lists. Find this API in the Validation category.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the UK APITrack this API returns UK COVID-19 statistics including testing capacity, case count, current patients in hospitals, ventilator capacity, and number of deaths. All endpoints are accessed over HTTPS. Responses can be JSON, XML or CSV formatted. This API is developed by Public Health England and NHSX. This API is in the Coronavirus category.

Syncplicity is an enterprise-grade online file sharing and mobile collaboration solution. The Syncplicity APITrack this API enables users to programmatically interact with file sharing and content collaboration services. The API gives users the ability to search for files and folders, get a list of storage endpoints, create a publicly shared link and more. It is listed in the File Sharing category.

Algoan is a consumer loan management system that provides automation for reducing processing costs, and is GDPR ready. The Algoan APITrack this API enables developers to access online banking resources including analytics, user profiles, applicants, and signatures. Algoan is part of the Google Cloud Startup Program; this makes Algoan PCI-DSS and SOC 1/2/3 compliant. The API is filed under Banking.

Algoan API

Screenshot: Algoan

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