Daily API RoundUp: FaunaDB, EdiFabric, Geotab, Broadage Sports

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Twenty APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Monetization, Shipping, Logistics and Food. Featured today is the FaunaDB GraphQL API, the Geotab API for fleet tracking, plus an API for retrieving mushroom observation data.


Fauna is a cloud-first database provider for cloud and Container environments.. The FaunaDB GraphQL API is a database service for defining schemas and executing queries and mutations of data within FaunaDB. The FaunaDB GraphQL API focuses on transactional consistency, user authorization, data access, quality of service (QoS), and temporal storage. The FaunaDB GraphQL API is listed under the Database category.

OfferDaddy is a mobile or website "offer wall" of discounts earned by users for taking surveys, installing apps, taking quizzes or or other actions. The OfferDaddy API returns monetization features like coupons, surveys, videos, and tasks data to implement into mobile applications. API responses in JSON format include tracking link, amount, image URL, countries, categories, and devices. The OfferDaddy API is filed under the Monetization category.

OfferDaddy API is available

Screenshot: OfferDaddy

Geotab enables fleet tracking, connected vehicles, and telematics. The Geotab API can be utilized to access databases, addresses, coordinates, directions, maximum speeds, and time zone details. In addition, this interface is used to access detailed vehicle data such as GPS information, speed, readings of vehicle measurements, and fault information. It is listed under Logistics.

Robomatic is an integrateable personal assistant with Machine Learning capabilities. The RoboMatic API provides the tools required to integrate chatbots with IoT, mobile, web, and desktop applications. The API offers access to user input records, chatbot outputs, abilities, operations, and chatlogs. This API can be utilized to build recruiter bots that construct CVs, and to implement bots that act as salesmen. The RoboMatic WebSocket API enables persistent real-time communications between AI-powered chatbots and approved third parties. Robomatic APIs are listed in the Chat category.

EdiFabric integrates Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) support with applications associated with clearinghouses, trading partners, and health-care providers. EdiFabric API provides full EDI document support for translating, validating, and representing knowledge, and customizable templates for X12, EDIFACT, HIPAA, EANCOM, and VDA. This API is listed in the Documents category.

EdiFabric API is available for EDI

Screenshot: EdiFabric

Fruityvice API returns data for all kinds of fruit including name, family, order, nutrition, carbohydrates, protein, fat, calories, and sugar. Developers can use GET and PUT verbs to access and add data and receive JSON responses in return. Fruityvice API is listed in the Food category.

Mushroom Observer is an online repository of mushroom observations featuring mushroom locations, images, species, glossaries, comments and other mushroom data. The Mushroom Observer API allows developers to integrate mushroom related resources with applications. The API can be utilized to access entry points to retrieve images, comments, locations, names, projects, and sequences. The API is listed in the Nature category.

Global Alerting Platform (GAP) from two10degrees provides an API for building mobile messaging and satellite applications. The API enables access to alerts, beacons, schedules, logs, geofences, itineraries, user roles, profiles, and devices. The Global Alerting Platform Webhooks API enables real time business notifications when specific actions occur. The GAP APIs are filed in the Notifications category.

Zenda enables cross-border shipping services powered by British Airways. The Zenda API offers eCommerce merchants a set of endpoints for calculating shipping rates, taxes, duties, label printing, and tracking. The API provides methods for booking a shipment, retrieve shipping labels, and get shipping information. It is listed in the Shipping category.

Parcel Perform provides parcel tracking services for more than 600 carriers worldwide. The Parcel Perform Rush Tracking API provides programmatic access to Parcel Perform's Rush shipping services. Developers can manage accounts, parcels, parcel data, and shipping locations, currencies, and times with the API. The service integrates with services such as DHL Express, FedEx, USPS, and China Post. This API is also listed under the Shipping category.

Broadage Sports is a sports data and technology company that offers API access to real-time data feeds for developers' projects and applications. Developers will need to create an account to get started with the APIs. Individual APIs were added to the Sports category and are provided for Global Data, Soccer, Football, Volleyball, Baseball, Ice Hockey, Basketball and Handball.

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