Daily API RoundUp: FeedSyndicate, Fireblocks, FreeToGame, CurrencyFreaks

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Eight APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including News Services, Games, and SEO. Highlights include an API for Fireblocks DeFi Platform and an API for retrieving currency and forex information. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


FreeToGame is a gaming platform that provides access to the best free-to-play games and MMO Games while rewarding gamers with perks. Free-to-play games database is powered by FreeToGame.com. The Free-To-Play Games Database APITrack this API enables developers to retrieve lists of free games by platform, category or tag. Also to sort games by release date, alphabetical or relevance and retrieve details about a specific game and recommendations. The API is listed under the Games category.

Get details about game freebies with this API

Get details about game freebies with this API. Screenshot: FreeToGame

Fireblocks is a DeFi platform for institutional trading, lending, and staking. The Fireblocks REST APITrack this API enables developers to interact with accounts and transactions on the Fireblocks DeFi platform. Methods are available to manage wallets, assets, smart transfers, accounts, co-signing for approvals and more. The Fireblocks Webhooks API enables developers to notifications about transactional and other events from the platform. Find these APIs in the Financial category.

CurrencyFreaks APITrack this API is a free currency conversion and foreign exchange(forex) rate API. CurrencyFreaks API provides currency conversion, current and historical foreign exchange rates, currency fluctuations, and IP to currency data through a REST API compatible with JSON and XML formats. The CurrencyFreaks API is listed in the Currency category.

Influenza Research Database (IRD) Sequence APITrack this API retrieves of sequence information about flu viral genomes and proteins. Sequence are retrieved in FASTA or JSON output formats with user defined public database and ViPR/IRD annotated metadata. FASTA is a DNA and protein sequence alignment software package. Influenza Research Database is a collaboration between the University of Chicago and J. Craig Venter Institute and is funded by the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health, Department of Health and Human Services. Find this API in the DNA category.

SEO Review Tools Keyword APITrack this API allows users to discover new keywords and provides search volume estimates, cost per click data, paid Google competition statistics and search volume over time. The Keyword API can be integrated into an existing keyword tool, CMS or Google spreadsheet. It is listed in the SEO category.

Bread Puns APITrack this API provides puns about bread such as "Stop loafing around!" and "Can you bake? Proof it!" It listed in the Humor category.

Geo Location IP REST APITrack this API provides information about the location of the requested IP address. It includes country, city, area, currency, timezone, location and security data. It is listed in the Location category.

FeedSyndicate Streaming APITrack this API provides access to real-time, syndicated news content from the Fourth Estate global news service. The service delivers a continuous stream of breaking news, and other information direct to subscribers in a variety of standards based delivery formats. The FeedSyndicate API is listed in the News Services category.

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