Daily API RoundUp: Finch, Persona, Peekalink, AstroAPI

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Five APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Human Resources, Identity, and Astrology. Highlights include an API for an employee payroll service and an API for previewing any link. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Persona provides identity infrastructure for businesses to securely collect, verify, manage, and make decisions about customers' identities. The Persona APITrack this API offers access to the Platform, with methods to manage inquiries, verifications, documents, reports, files, accounts, importers and more. This API is listed in the Identity category.

Persona API

Screenshot: Persona

Finch is a payroll and HR service that lets applications to access and manage Human Resources systems through a single APITrack this API. Manage data about employers, companies, individuals, employment, payment, statements, plus deduction and management with the API. The API offers Integration to payroll services, insurance, lending, financial management, benefits and other HR programs. Find the Finch API in the Human Resources category.

Peekalink APITrack this API enables developers to get a preview of any link, including headline, description and optimized image. It is suitable for messaging applications, social media, and adds pre-click security and privacy for your users. Methods are available for returning a preview and checking if a preview is available. Find this API in the URLs category.

Peekalink API

Screenshot: Peekalink

Multiple Choice Trivia REST API is a free to use API for multiple choice trivia questions. It features procedurally generated and user generated questions. This API is listed under Trivia.

AstroAPI provides users with fast Western Astrology astrological calculations. This APITrack this API features natal birth chart calculations, solar return, lunar return, synastry and composite horoscope, a full admin area, interpretation reports, forecasts and more. AstroAPI is listed in the Astrology category.

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