Daily API RoundUp: Flinks, Semaphore CI, ReadyCloud

Every day, the ProgrammableWeb team is busy, updating its three primary directories for APIs, clients (language-specific libraries or SDKs for consuming or providing APIs), and source code samples. If you have new APIs, clients, or Source Code examples to add to ProgrammableWeb’s directories, we offer forms (APIs, Clients, Source Code) for submitting them to our API research team. If there’s a listing in one of our directories that you’d like to claim as the owner, please contact us at editor@programmableweb.com.

Thirty One APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Banking, DevOps, and Notifications. Highlights today include several Messaging APIs and APIs for building finance and stock trading applications. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Vantiv, a payment processor solution provider, has recently announced that its cloud-based API for payment processing, triPOS Cloud is now generally available. The triPOS Cloud API allows developers to create products for merchants to solve security and EMV challenges without installing local software. The triPOS API uses Encryption and tokenization for security and is designed with Integration capabilities across software and hardware platforms. The API supports recurring billing, BIN management, alternative payments, custom forms and more. The API is listed under the Payments category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Payments APIs.

Flinks provides services to connect applications with Canadian bank accounts. The Flinks API mirrors the complete Authentication process for a bank, and allows developers functions for getting account data. It also allows users to validate account ownership, verify account balance and access transaction history. The Flinks API is listed under the Banking category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Banking APIs.

Semaphore provides developer tools for testing and delivering code and products. The Semaphore CI API offers an out of the box CI ( Continuous Integration) server designed to hasten deployment processes. Developers need only to push newly updated code to the cloud to test it, then Semaphore deploys the code with Docker for Continuous Delivery. Semaphore offers several plans for deployment, and a 30 day trial is also available. This API is listed under the DevOps category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of DevOps APIs.

How set up continuous integration with Semaphore CI in less than a minute. Video: YouTube/Rendered Text/Semaphore CI

rkmndr.tech provides intelligent product recommendation services for merchants wanting to generage cross-sales. The rkmndr.tech API uses association mining algorithms for building recommendation systems for cross-sales in retail. API features include a way to upload a list of transactions, SKU set support, confidence, and generate product recommendations based on a customer basket before checkout. The rkmndr.tech API is listed under the Sales category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Sales APIs.

ReadyCloud is a global ecommerce CRM solution with built in shipping and returns integrations. The ReadyCloud API provides read and write access to functions for orders, boxes, items, addresses and all the other major data stored and processed by ReadyCloud. And the ReadyCloud Webhooks API provides access to ReadyCloud's Webhooks data for use in 3rd party applications. The ReadyCloud API is listed under the Customer Relationship Management category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of CRM APIs.

TrackTest an English proficiency assessment service. It offers the independent online assessment of English language proficiency (CEFR) for companies, schools and individuals, following the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standards. The TrackTest English Test API is compatible with learning management systems (LMS) such as Blackboard and Moodle, and allows the automatic import of data between the Platform and other (LMS), human resources portals, and websites. Interested developers can contact the provider. The API is listed under the Education category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Education APIs.

Interactive Brokers Group (IB) is a provider of investment management tools for stock exchanges and money markets. The Interactive Brokers Group TWS (Trader Workstation) API allows developers to implement the automated trading functionality in apps. This makes it easier for IB users to access, monitor, and manage their account activities including requesting market data, viewing balances, and tracking investment portfolio real time. The API is listed under the Stocks category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Stocks APIs.

Intrinio provides data and APIs for creating financial applications. We've added five more Intrinio APIs to the Financial category of our directory from Intrinio. They are:

Intrinio TipRanks Analyst Ratings API provides programmatic access to a data Feed that includes target prices and buy, sell, or hold recommendations for US stocks from financial analysts, along with the firms those analysts represent.

Intrinio TipRanks Blogger Ratings API provides developer access to a data feed of buy and sell opinions on US stocks from financial bloggers, along with their respective blogs.

Intrinio Zacks Historical Earnings Estimates API provides programmatic access to current and historical estimates of earnings from Zacks Investment Research for US and Canadian securities. Data includes quarterly and annual estimates of earnings per share, estimate dates, fiscal periods, and more.

Intrinio Zacks Current Earnings Estimates API provides programmatic access to analyst estimates of future earnings for thousands of US and Canadian securities from Zacks Investment Research.

Intrinio International Executive Contacts & Compensation API provides developers with detailed information on executives and board members at non-US companies. Data could include direct email adresses and phone numbers, plus compensation information dating back to 2013.

Pusher Ltd is a a real-time messaging service that provides APIs and other developer tools. The Pusher Mobile Push Notifications API (now in Beta) facilitates the conveyance of push notifications Android and iOS applications even when the destination devices are shut down. This enables developers to implement the combination of push notifications and Pusher's Websocket platform when delivering data to both connected and disconnected destination devices. The API is listed under the Notifications category. Read more about Pusher in this tutorial.

Cloudify is an open source cloud orchestration platform based on TOSCA (Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications). Cloudify enables users to model applications and services and automate their entire life cycle, including deployment, monitoring, detecting issues and failure, remediating such issues, and performing ongoing maintenance tasks. The Cloudify REST API returns data about clients, blueprints, deployments, events, nodes, users, tokens and more. This API is listed under the Cloud category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Cloud APIs.

Vendasta is a sales and marketing platform which includes social services, pipeline management, and an app marketplace. Four APIs are available for integrating with Vendasta. The Vendasta Business Center API is availabl to implement marketing business features such as create and manage accounts, products, and users. The Vendasta Partner Central API is accessible to perform partner callbacks. The Vendasta Listing Builder API allows developers to create lists as part of marketing applications. The Vendasta API is listed under the Marketing category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Marketing APIs.

Spryng is an SMS gateway service based in the Netherlands. The Spryng SMS API returns SMS data to implement into business applications. The Spryng Payments API returns payment data associated with accounts and currencies. The Spyrng API is listed under the Messaging category.

Another API for Messaging is the RESTful True Dialog API which features low cost, robust solutions and multi-threaded SMS dialogs.

Also in the Messaging category are several APIs from Comapi API-first messaging platform. The platform includes the following APIs:

COM Integration API is available in REST architecture with JSON formats and authentication token.

COM Messaging API integrates messaging into communication applications.

COM Client API returns data of user registration and notification.

COM Reporting API returns reports of active users and devices, messaging statistics, push channel throughput, and external forwarding.

COM Assets API allows uploading assets in chat messages.

COM Automation API manages automation triggers such as inactivity, geo-fence, specific time, and 3rd party triggers.

COM Forwarding API returns data of forwarding messages.

COM Verify API returns verified data of correct phone numbers, two-factor authentication, and spam protection.

COM Automation API manages automation triggers such as inactivity, geo-fence, specific time, and 3rd party triggers.

And rounding out our Messaging API additions is the Message360 API, which integrates messages in voice, text, and email formats into applications.

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