Daily API RoundUp: FOIA, Spaceflight News, Anders Pink, Jockey Hype, Smartrak

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Thirteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Transportation, Open Data, and Music. Highlights include an API for fleet GPS services and an API for querying data about requests to The Freedom Of Information Act. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


RealEarth is a mapping data discovery Platform developed by the Space Science and Engineering Center and the Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The RealEarth APITrack this API provides the latest simulations associated with meteorology, aviation, flood hazards, and more. This API is listed under the Mapping category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Mapping APIs.

An overlay of GOES IFR probability is displayed on RealEarth map

An overlay of GOES IFR probability is displayed on RealEarth map. Image: RealEarth

Smartrak offers fleet management and GPS tracking services. The Smartrak EyeQ APITrack this API is available by request for developers to implement GPS features including satellite navigation, data points, and historical data. Smartrak targets fleet managers, health and safety managers, and operations managers. Developers interested in the API can contact Smartrak for more information. The Smartrak EyeQ API is listed under the Transportation category.

ClubReady is an online fitness and gym management platform. The ClubReady APITrack this API provides access to data for fitness clubs via the ClubReady application. The API support methods for GET, POST, PUT, DELETE and PATCH, that requires Authentication using an API Key. The ClubReady API is slso listed under the Fitness category.

Anders Pink provides content curation services. The Anders Pink APITrack this API returns news services in JSON formats, including article briefings by time period, top articles, domains, RSS feeds, and influencers. With the API, developers can integrate new content into learning management systems and add content to Slack and Wordpress. The Anders Pink API is listed under the Content category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Content APIs.

FOIA.gov (The Freedom Of Information Act), offers an APITrack this API that returns data about information requests to the the Office of Information Policy. Developers can use the API to retrieve a list of agencies and what each agency requested. This API is listed under the Government category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Government APIs.

City of New York offers the NYC Benefits Screening APITrack this API which allows users to access a health and human services eligibility screener. The API enables developers to create applications that evaluate household data against eligibility rules for different city, state, and federal benefits programs. Household information is sent to the Benefits Screening REST API and program names and codes are returned in JSON format. The API provides results from a dataset catalog that provides benefit, program, and Resource information for over 40 health and human services available to NYC residents. The API is listed under the Open Data category.

HaasOnline Software is a bitcoin/cryptocurrency trading bot platform. This platform features automated 24/7 trading bots, historical and real-time back testing, and support for over a dozen cryptocurrency exchanges. The HaasOnline APITrack this API offers several endpoints for market, account, and trade data. Responses are JSON or XML formatted. The HaasOnline API is listed under the Cryptocurrency category.

Spaceflight News APITrack this API provides the latest spaceflight related news and blog articles. Developers can integrate an overview of the latest news, and link to the news site by using JSON objects. It is listed under the News Services category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of News Services APIs.

ErosNow is Bollywood multi-platform movie streaming platform. The ErosNow Partner APITrack this API returns data about Bollywood films, music, tracks, original episodes, live channel, active purchases, playlists, top charts, and TV shows. Developers can make calls that will display JSON and XML formats in return. The ErosNow API is listed under the Movies category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Movies APIs.

Erosnow API

Screenshot ErosNow

Jockey Hype provides a place to find and listen to copyright free, new content from DJs and music artists. The Jockey Hype APITrack this API allows users to retrieve information from the Jockey Hype website via GET request. It supports query parameters for getting profile information, a list of the latest 20 tracks uploaded by a user, and more. The Jockey Hype API is listed under the Music category.

Hooktheory provides developers with support for the theory behind songs using music theory books, songwriting software, and TheoryTabs (see video below). The Hooktheory APITrack this API exposes music chord probability data used in TheoryTab Library searches, which enables users to find the most popular chord progressions in music. The Hooktheory API is listed under the Music category.

Video: YouTube/Hooktheory

CritiqueBrainz is a repository for writing, reading, and sharing Creative Commons licensed music and concert reviews. The CritiqueBrainz APITrack this API allows users to interact with CritiqueBrainz to publish a review, get a list of reviews, get a list of supported review languages and more. CritiqueBrainz is based on data from MusicBrainz open music encyclopedia. The API is also listed under the Music category.

Mutual-Fund APITrack this API offers financial information associated with mutual funds. The API provides the latest Net Asset Values (NAVs) for a mutual fund or multiple mutual funds, and historical NAV values. Responses are JSON formatted. The Mutual-Fund API is listed under the Financial category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Financial APIs.

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