Daily API RoundUp: FORCE Bridge, Timely, BeGateway, Sypht

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Another eighteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Blockchain, Tickets, and Telephony. Highlights include several APIs Cryptocurrency, SDKs for the Voxeet WebRTC Platform, and an API for smart manufacturing. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Sypht is a service to automate finding important information in documents. The Sypht APITrack this API is available to programmatically access Sypht document extraction services. Use the API to upload documents, automate extraction, and integrate into third-party systems. The Sypht service features a human validation tool, deep learning and traditional Machine Learning techniques. This API is listed under Documents.

Interactive Ticketing provides a ticketing platform for online sales, box office POS, reserved seating events, timed ticketing, and event registration. This platform can be used to sell tickets within social media, integrate scanning solutions, and acquire analytics with real-time reporting. The Interactive Ticketing APITrack this API is accessible indirectly through Java, PHP, and C# SDKs. This API is filed under Tickets.

Cu8.in APITrack this API provides a free URL shortener API service without registration. Users can quickly shorten URL and create custom links with just a few clicks in less than 10 seconds. We've listed this API in the URL Shortener category.

BeGateway is a white label payment gateway with automated administration, and fast merchant onboarding. The BeGateway APITrack this API can be utilized to access payments, credits, refunds, chargebacks, and card Tokenization. BeGateway is PCI DSS level 1 compliant. It is listed in the Payments category.

Brands can create their own PSP service with BeGateway

Brands can create their own PSP service with BeGateway. Image: BeGateway

ZB is a Chinese cryptocurrency exchange. The ZB REST APITrack this API allows developers to integrate ZB's cryptocurrency trading functions into their applications. This API is primarily recommended for currency transactions and asset withdrawals. However, it can also get information on the market configuration, market depth, ticker data, historical deals, K-line, etc. A websocket APITrack this API is provided as well. ZB API is listed in the Cryptocurrency category.

ApiDapp offers connectivity to blockchain networks, test and production blockchains, multiple security options, and predictable costs based on usage. ApiDapp adds blockchain and smart contract support to applications. The ApiDapp APITrack this API enables developers to access accounts, blocks, transactions, and wallet information. The API is listed under the Blockchain category.

FORCE Bridge is an Open API for Smart ManufacturingTrack this API. It can be used to manage manufacturing workplaces, which can be machines or manual workstations, tools and the staff members. Folders contain the documents required to manufacture a specific product, such as NC programs or assembly instructions. The API also depicts virtual objects such as production orders, including their individual operations. The FORCE Bridge API is listed under the Manufacturing category.

TelecomsXChange is an exchange marketplace for VoIP, SMS and Direct Inward Dialing (DID) services. TelecomsXChange Programmable Exchange API enables users to connect to various carriers to compare prices and services for SMS messages. Users can connect to services like Airtel, TATA, and IDT using a single RESTful API call. After developers initiate an interconnect, they can make calls and send SMS messages via this carrier at wholesale prices, without contracts or commitments. This API is listed under Telephony.

Bithumb is a Korean cryptocurrency exchange. The Bithumb Public APITrack this API allows developers to use REST calls to access cryptocurrency exchange market information. This includes current price information, bid and ask information, transaction history, and the Bithumb Crypto Index (BTCI). The Bithumb Private APITrack this API allows developers to get information about an account, an account balance, a wallet address, tickers, orders, and transactions. It can also be used to place or cancel trades and make withdrawals.

Voxeet is a WebRTC platform with SDKs that can integrate 3D immersive audio, video messaging, screen sharing, and live broadcasting with applications. Voxeet can be used to enable clear audio solutions, boost user engagement, and generate a new revenue stream. The Voxeet APITrack this API is acessible indirectly through several SDKs for easy Integration.


Screenshot: Voxeet

Timely is a fully automated time tracking service. The Timely APITrack this API enables users to manage time tracking data regarding work records, to categorize tasks, and to create a timesheet automatically. In addition to time tracking, developers can implement project management, team management, and project and team planning. The API is filed under Time Tracking.

FedaPay is a payments service headquartered in Republic of Benin, West Africa. The FedaPay APITrack this API enables users to manage and retrieve mobile payment data including checkout, transactions, refunds, payment requests, payouts, currencies, and payment methods. This API is also listed in the Payments category.

TicketSpice is a ticketing system with branding control, reserved seating, social media integration, ticket scanning features, and analytics. The TicketSpice API provides information associated with ticketing transactions, customers, memberships, coupons, and orders. The TicketSpice Webhooks APITrack this API enables real-time data when certain events happen to an account such as new registrations, order notifications, recurring notifications, coupon notifications, and inventory supply notifications. The APIs are also listed in the Tickets category.

CoinBene is a cryptocurrency assets platform capable of supporting 100 million orders per second. The CoinBene Margin APITrack this API allows developers to get all transaction configuration information or just transaction configuration information for a specific currency pair. A Private Interface can be used to query account information, create or undo orders, query information for an order, and more. The CoinBene SWAP REST APITrack this API allows developers to get order information, ticker information, K-line data, and the latest filled orders. The Private version can be used to place or cancel an order, get transaction details for a specific order, get a list of funding rates, query contract account information, and more. And the CoinBene SPOT APITrack this API allows developers to get transaction information, ticker information, and depth. The Private Interface allows developers to query account information, query asset information, create and undo orders, and more.

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