Daily API RoundUp: ForgeRock, BALLAST, LeanCloud, Whereby, Moonlight

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Ten APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Cryptocurrency, Identity, and DevOps. Highlights include an API for Michigan voting data, an API for Whereby video conferencing, and an API for returning memes. Have a look at what's new.


ForgeRock is an identity management Platform designed for consumers and workforce integrations. The ForgeRock APITrack this API enables developers to build large-scale hypermedia systems and access records, dashboards, scripts, and sessions. The API is listed in the Identity category in the ProgrammableWeb API directory.

Solaria Labs develops products that help expand Liberty Mutual's offerings. The Solaria Labs Shine APITrack this API provides insurance related information including vehicle statistics, vehicle theft statistics, home scores, and parking rules. This API is filed in the Insurance category.

Meme Generation API returns base64 image blobs of generated memes. Additionally, this API returns recently generated memes and default memes. Request payloads must be JSON formatted. This API is listed in the Meme category.

Meme Build lets users create memes and provides and API for returning memes

Meme Build lets users create memes and provides and API for returning memes. Screenshot: Meme Build

BALLAST provides risk assessment software. The BALLAST risk and compliance APITrack this API enables users to integrate risk assessment data into enterprise dashboards, data analytics platforms, or third-party applications to track organizational risk. It is available to BALLAST subscribers and listed in the Compliance category.

DE VIS Software's Tick And Bite Recognition APITrack this API is able to determine if a tick bite or other bite is present in a given photograph with a certain amount of probability. It is listed in the Recognition category.

Citizens Lab promotes openness, participation, and efficiency in governments and community organizations. The Michigan Elections APITrack this API provides voter registration status and ballots data for Michigan with methods for ballots, candidates, districts, elections, glossary, parties and others. The Citizens Lab organization is based in Michigan. This API is listed in the Voting category.

LeanCloud is a complete serverless backend and LeanEngine enables users to develop server-side logic using multiple programming languages and deploy it to LeanCloud's Container based infrastructure. The LeanEngine APITrack this API allows interaction with application development data to create cloud projects in JSON format. This API is listed in the DevOps category.

Whereby enables users to create unlimited encrypted video meetings with screen sharing support. The Whereby APITrack this API enables developers to create video meetings and customize rooms in their applications. Rooms are limited to 50 people, and can be branded and customized. Find this API in the WebRTC category.

Whereby API

Screenshot: Whereby

Moonlight provides verified digital credentials for professionals who are in the job market. Programmatically interact with the Moonlight Decentralized working ecosystem via this APITrack this API, accessible indirectly via a Javascript SDK. Find Moonlight in the Verification category.

KickEX exchange provides cryptocurrency trading solutions. The KickEX REST APITrack this API enables access to the cryptocurrency exchange and provides methods for managing pairs, all tickers, orderbook, candles and others. A KickEX WebSocket APITrack this API is also available for subscribed notifications. Both APIs are listed int he Cryptocurrency category.

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