Daily API RoundUp: Gates Open Research, Mattermost, Acxiom, Hotpot, GreenRush

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Eleven APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Messaging, Alcohol and Graphics. Highlights include an API to interact with Craft CMS and an API for searching for research articles from the the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Gates Open Research is a Platform for is a platform for publication and open peer review of research funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The Gates Open Research APITrack this API provides a way to search and retrieve research articles from Gates Open Research. This API allows users to download the XML and PDF of specific articles as well as to download links to the XML of the entire corpus of articles. The API is listed in the Open Data category in the ProgrammableWeb API directory.

Pikwy APITrack this API enables users to capture a website screenshot. Parameters such as width, height, full page, image format (jpg, png), response ( JSON, html, or image), headers, and more can be supplied in the request. This API is listed in the Screenshots category.

Hotpot. AI is a service to create device mockups, logos, social media ads, and other graphics. The Hotpot APITrack this API offers the ability to programmatically access Hotpot.ai functionalitywith methods to create graphic, remix art, supersize image, translate file, remove background, colorize picture, generate color, and more. This API is listed in the Graphics category.

Apply AI-driven graphic services to images via Hotpot API

Apply AI-driven graphic services to images via Hotpot API. Image: Hotpot.ai

DSDLink is a platform for streamlined beverage ordering. The DSDLink Product Catalog APITrack this API returns information about alcoholic beverages from the DSDLink Product Catalog. The catalog is an "Industry Standard for Product Information" in the alcohol beverage space. Data includes product name, supplier, brand family, package, product type, volume, shelf life, alcohol content, region and more. The DSDLink API is filed in the Alcohol category.

Mattermost is an enterprise messaging platform designed to meet high standards of privacy and security. The Mattermost APITrack this API allows Mattermost clients and third-party applications to interact with the Mattermost server in a RESTful manner. The API provides methods for creating, getting, and interacting with users, teams, channels, posts, files, user preferences, user statuses, emojis, and more. Find this API in the Messaging category.

Acxiom provides data, identity solution, and marketing solutions. The Acxiom Data Services APITrack this API provides the ability to gather relevant and accurate information about customers or prospects, allowing users to build more targeted and customized marketing applications. The API allows applications to perform matching, recognition (entity resolution) and enhancement across multiple marketing channels. It is listed in the Marketing category.

LocationsCloud APITrack this API scrapes data about retail store locations. Data includes store name, store ID, address, geocoordinates, amenities, store hours, payment options, address, email, phone, products and more. Developers need to contact the provider for API and Documentation access. The API is listed in the Location category.

Craft CMS enables creation of custom digital experiences on the web and features a control panel for content creation and administrative tasks, content modeling and Front-end development tools, a built-in Plugin Store with hundreds of free and commercial plugins. Craft Pro GraphQL APITrack this API provides data about content from applications created in Craft CMS. Search by schema such as drafts, revisions, trashed, archived, site, related-to, volume, folder, and many others. This API is listed in the Content Management category.

GreenRush is an online marijuana dispensary and delivery service. The GreenRush APITrack this API displays marijuana data including dispensaries, strain types, users and delivery addresses, messages, units, reports, and orders. This API is listed in the Drugs category.

Trunkrs is a package delivery company built on top of a crowd sourced delivery community. The Trunkrs APITrack this API is used to access shipment data, addresses, and time slots. The API returns JSON and CSV responses. API Keys are implemented for Authentication. Trunkrs can be easily integrated with eCommerce platforms including Magento and WooCommerce. It is listed under the Shipping category.

Helipaddy is an application for helicopter pilots to find suitable landing spots for helicopter aircraft. The Helipaddy APITrack this API is used to access the helipaddy database of landing locations either by geolocation or what3words format. Application data also includes pilot comments and ratings as crowdsourced by users. The API is listed in Air Travel.

Helipaddy API

Image: Helipaddy

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