Daily API RoundUp: gazepass, The Connected Fan, Distance Matrix, Boomtown

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Nine APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Sports, Collaboration, and Customer Service. Featured is an API that enables applications to accept biometrics for Authentication and an API for sports marketing services. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


WeCashUp is a universal payment Platform. The WeCashUp REST APITrack this API allows developers to accept mobile money payments across Africa from their own applications using a single Integration. API methods are available to manage merchants, customers, transactions, products and more. WeCashUp Webhooks APITrack this API enables notifications to update merchants about event that occurs in the payment process and can affect customers experiences. Find these APIs in the Payments category in the ProgrammableWeb API directory.

gazepass APITrack this API provides a password-less way to authenticate users for applications and websites. The service allows users to log in using biometrics across all of their devices, regardless of whether or not they have a specialized biometric sensor. Find this API in the Authentication category.

Authenticate users via a selfie with the gazepass API

Authenticate users via a selfie with the gazepass API. Image: Gazepass

The Connected Fan is a data and content delivery platform for marketing sports teams, clubs and organizations. The Connected Fan APITrack this API enables developers to create fan engagement oriented applications and websites. Connect data sources and services such as ticketing, streaming, social media, ecommerce, statistics and more with the RESTful JSON based API. This API is listed in the Sports category.

Distance Matrix APITrack this API enables applications to compute distance and travel time between points on a map while accounting for traffic conditions, road constructions, travel modes, and forecasting features. This API is a less expensive alternative to the Google Distance Matrix API, but with the same level of data reliability. The Distance Matrix API is listed in the Transportation category.

Boomtown is a knowledge logistics company that helps businesses orchestrate and automate experiences for sales, onboarding, and support. The Boomtown Cloud APITrack this API offers customized integrations with the service. API methods to manage chat, customers, issues, products, orgs, KBs, shipments and more are available. Boomtown offers premade integrations with Slack, TeamViewer, Zendesk, Salesforce, Jira, Gmail, Outlook and many other services. The Boomtown API is listed in the Customer Service category.

Zimbra is a secure, open source collaboration platform that provides services for handling email, address books, calendars, file-sharing, and tasks. It can be accessed anywhere from any device and offers high availability. The Zimbra SOAP APITrack this API allows developers to access functions provided by Zimbra's collaboration platform programmatically via SOAP calls. The Zimbra APIs are filed under Collaboration.

New World is a massively multiplayer online (MMO) PC role-playing game by Amazon Game Studios. NewWorldFans.com is a fan site for the game but not officially associated with Amazon Game Studios. The NewWorldFans APITrack this API enables developers to retrieve data posted on the New World Fans website, including the Dev Tracker board. This API is listed in the Games category.

Quicko is free income tax return filing software. The Quicko APIs can be used to effectively manage Tax compliance for Indian enterprises. Quicko's APIs help manage IT, GST, TDS & KYC related issues using simple RESTful APIs. Version 3.3Track this API is now available. Find this API under Taxes.

Flooderizer Flood Detection REST APITrack this API can be used to detect flooded areas in a given photo or video. It is useful for developers who want to make applications for surveillance cameras or any kind of camera used at malls, buildings, roads, agriculture and the like. It is listed in the Recognition category.

Video: YouTube/De Vis Software

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