Daily API RoundUp: Geekbot, 3Box, Finnhub, Proofy

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Twelve APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Blockchain, Bots, Financial, and Tourism. Highlights include the Finnhub.io API for free data about stocks foreign currency exchange, and cryptocurrency. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Geekbot is a service for automating standups, surveys, and daily reports. The Geekbot APITrack this API allows developers to create, update, read, list, replace, duplicate, or delete their standups (meetings). The API can also return lists of teams or reports. Geekbot is optimized for use on Slack. All methods require an API Key. The Geekbot API is listed under the Bots category.

Geekbot API

Screenshot: Geekbot

3Box offers shared backend for Web3. The 3Box APITrack this API enables Decentralized, secure user data storage capabilities. This allows developers to build fully-featured applications without having to run a backend for user data. The API supports Authentication, identity, profiles, storage, messaging, data fetching via GraphQL. The API is listed in Blockchain.

ARK Ecosystem offers tools to create fully functioning blockchain ecosystems. The ARK.io REST APITrack this API enables developers to access blockchain information, transactions, wallets, and blocks in their applications. The ARK Ecosystem Webhooks API enables flexible, automated notification systems in applications. ARK Ecosystem features Vendor Field functionalities which allow for checking data scenarios, instead of querying the blockchain. This API is also listed under Blockchain.

The City of Calgary provides some APIs for developers to create smart city applications. The City of Calgary Historical Air Quality APITrack this API retrieves historical air quality data and offers an Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) that is calculated hourly at certain monitoring stations. The City of Calgary Public Trees APITrack this API retrieves location of trees, and trees on public land urban forest information. The City of Calgary Traffic Cameras APITrack this API retrieves traffic camera images of current road conditions on major routes. City developers can use this API to monitor traffic, but not for enforcement. All three APIs are listed in the Cities category.

suedtirol.live provides a large database of tours, activities, and events in South Tyrol, Italy. The suedtirol.live APITrack this API enables developers to access stores, accommodations, sights, gastronomy information, and points of interest of the region for travel applications. Data is provided in English, German, and Italian. The API is listed in Tourism.

suedtirol API

Screenshot: suedtirol

Astrometry Perihelion APITrack this API returns the past and next perihelions for all the space objects monitored by Astrometry.ch. 18 possibilities include all, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Halley, Tesla, Ceres, Haumea, Makemake, Eris, Earth, Encke, and Faye. A perihelion denotes when a planetary object becomes closest to the sun during orbit. This API is listed in the Astronomy category.

Finnhub.io provides a free API for stocks, forex and cryptocurrency data. The Finnhub Stock REST APITrack this API retrieves stock fundamentals, stock price, forex, crypto, technical analysis, alternative data, and an economic calendar. The Finnhub Stock Streaming APITrack this API provides real time streams from from 60+ stock exchanges, 10 forex brokers, and 15+ crypto exchanges. Finnhub API is listed in the Financial category.

Proofy provides an email address verification services. The Proofy APITrack this API enables developers to retrieve reputation and validity proof from IP addresses. With Proofy, developers can avoid bounces and dead emails increasing email deliverability and enhancing open rates. Proofy is filed under Email.

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