Daily API RoundUp: GetScrape, QueryBoost, JUSDA, marketaux, Weedmaps

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Seven APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Medicine, Extraction and Logistics. Highlights include an API for stock market news data and an API for automating shipping and logistics workflows. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


marketaux provides real time and historical news data and analysis for more than 200,000 market entities from over 80 global stock markets, indices, ETFs, mutual funds, currency and crypto. The marketaux APITrack this API offers news data sourced from over 5,000 high quality sources in 30+ languages. Methods are availbable for news feeds, market performance (stats), entity metadata, news metadata, and more. This API is listed in the Stocks category.

GetScrape is a web scraping APITrack this API that uses a Headless browser to extract data from websites and focuses on the information you need and not on how is enclosed. It offers seamless entity parsing for URLs, phone numbers, dates, images, heading, lists and the like. GetScrape also allows users to reduce the final result based on string matches. This API is listed in the Extraction category.

GetScrape API

Screenshot: rasterwise/GetScrape

QueryBoost offers a GraphQL interface for querying data from multiple endpoints across services. The QueryBoost APITrack this API enables users to specify the exact fields of needed data in one query. A Sandbox is offered to click and build queries in seconds, and only one API Key is needed for all queries. A mock Endpoint for developing queries and business logic without needing to connect to the underlying source is provided. This API is listed in Search.

JUSDA APIsTrack this API allow customers and partners to integrate with shipping, fulfillment, visibility and trade compliance systems. Customers can automate supply chain processes by with end-to-end workflows between internal systems and the JUSDA Platform. API methods are available to manage bookings, customs declarations, shipments, rates, events, tracking requests, warehouse orders and much more. This API is listed in the Logistics category.


Screenshot: JUSDA

Open Targets is a public-private partnership that uses human genetics and genomics data for systematic drug target identification and prioritization for approaches in oncology, neurodegeneration, and immunity and inflammation. The Open Targets Platform APITrack this API offers data access. The public methods offer stable data to core set of data, data associations and evidence. The private methods offers target profile page and batch search, among other things. Paramenters include disease, datasource, datatype, file type ( JSON, XML, CSV, TAB), scorevalues and more. This API is listed in the Medicine category.

Weedmaps is an application that offers marijuana dispensary and delivery information based on location. The Weedmaps Menu APITrack this API offers data about what the stores offer. Methods are available to retrieve and manage brands, menus, listings, categories, and listings. The Weedmaps Catalog API offers programmatic access to manage cannabis catalogs and inventory within the platform. Methods are available to manage batch, catalogs, tags, items, products, organization, variants, images and more. Methods are also available to query and allocate inventory.