Daily API RoundUp: Gitter, StormWall, Elfsquad, SimFin

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Eight APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including eCommerce, Transportation and Fitness. Highlights include the Gitter API for developers and the GazeCloud API for eye-tracking websites and applications. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Gitter is a chat and networking Platform aimed at developers and users of GitLab and GitHub. The Gitter APITrack this API offers information about chat rooms, groups, users, and posted messages. It is listed under Chat.

SimFin leverages Machine Learning to make financial data available to investors and other interested parties. The SimFin APITrack this API enables users to integrate the data with methods for general company information, share price data, fundamentals, shares outstanding a POST method to search the database. SimFin is short for "Simplifying Finance". The API is listed in the Financial category.

StormWall is a DDoS protection and mitigation service. The StormWall APITrack this API enables clients to automate DDoS management with the service. API methods are available to manage authorized users, user service commands, domain commands, protection mode commands backend Endpoint commands, SSL, site parameters, L7 sensor commands and more. StormWall API is filed in the Security category in the ProgrammableWeb API directory.

StormWall API

Screenshot: StormWall

gem-up consulting Retail Pricing Optimizer APITrack this API uses AI to compute the best possible prices for products given the product cost and minimal markup. This API aims at providing retailers access to a combination of Artificial Intelligence and data to calculate full margin, retail-adjusted, psychological, and other pricing strategies. It is listed in the eCommerce category.

DAMAGE iD provides vehicle damage inspection software. The DAMAGE iD APITrack this API helps rental agencies and transportation fleets manage fleet conditions and damage. The API enables developers to programmatically access the software with methods to manage cars, cases, users, companies, damage, logging and more. The API is listed in the Transportation category.

Elfsquad is a provider of CPQ (Configure, price quote) software for makers. The Elfsquad Data APITrack this API enables developers to integrate with the API with methods so manage categories, configurations, CRM, currencies, expressions, organizations, features and all other aspects of the pre-production cycle. The API is listed in the Manufacturing category.

Dench City Bodybuilding Quotes APITrack this API offers fitness motivational quotes from top athletes to Olympia legends. The API provides random quotes, single quotes, quotes by category or author, and enables search for quotes. Find this API in the Fitness category.

GazeCloud is a cloud based Eye-Tracking Insights Platform that provides a visual way to understand user attention. The GazeCloud APITrack this API enables a user's webcam to track eye movements and generate a heat map of where eyes are focused on a given web page. This API is accessible indirectly via JavaScript SDK and is listed in the Engagement category.

Track what users' eyes focus on with GazeCloud API. Video: GazeRecorder

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