Daily API RoundUp: Google Cloud Private Catalog, DocuSign, bookitLive, CrowdfundHQ

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Twenty APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Internet of Things, Religion and Food. Highlights include new APIs from Google Cloud for enterprise catalog administration and from DocuSign for organization administration. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Google Cloud Private Catalog APITrack this API is a RESTful service that enables IT administrators to control and make enterprise applications discoverable. The API provides a way to create, share, and manage private catalogs, control distribution, and ensure internal compliance. Retrieve data about folders, catalogs, organizations, products, projects, versions and more with the API. Google Cloud Private Catalog Producer APITrack this API is also available to return data about catalogs, associations, products, operations and more The Google cloud Private Catalog services are currently in BETA. The API is listed under the Enterprise category.

bookitLive integrates a booking and payment service designed for corporate applications. The bookitlive APITrack this API features a REST architecture and offers methods for services, resources, events, and prices, plus enables direct booking capabilities. The API is listed under the Booking category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Booking APIs.

bookitlive API

Screenshot: bookitlive

CrowdfundHQ is a crowdfunding site builder complete with templates, blogs, file manager, campaign management and more. The CrowdfundHQ APITrack this API returns JSON formats with crowdfunding data including campaigns, contributions, conversations, marketing, and payments. The API is listed under the Funding category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Funding APIs.

FishServe provides administrative services to the New Zealand commercial fishing industry to support the 1996 Fisheries Act. The FishServe API provides administrative services to the New Zealand commercial fishing industry. The API returns data associated with user information, vessel information, ACE transfers, and history lines. This API is REST-based, returns JSON formatted data, and is listed under the Food category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Food APIs.

DocuSign provides compliant e-signature services. The DocuSign Organization Admin APITrack this API allows users to easily manage all DocuSign accounts and users through a single API. It also enables developers to integrate this management capability with existing systems while ensuring governance and compliance. Manage users, accounts, bulk operations, reserved domains and more with the API, which is listed in our Electronic Signature category.

Telstra is a telecommunications and technology company that offers a range of communications services. Three more APIs from Telstra have been added to the Platform-as-a-Service and Internet of Things categories. The Telstra Cloud Sight Platform APITrack this API provides a way to manage public cloud resources, including the compliance, budget and security of eligible cloud accounts and associated resources. With the Telstra Connected Things APITrack this API, developers can query details and network information for the Telstra IoT SIM connected to Telstra's CAT-M1 network (Australia's largest LPWAN network). This API will provide users with critical information about SIMs, data usage and session information for devices connected to Telstra's IoT networks. And Telstra Track and Monitor APITrack this API allows users to get device locations and detailed device information across a wide range of networks.

Amadeus provides software solutions for the travel industry, and several APIs for application Integration. Recently added to our Travel category are the Amadeus Airport & City Search APITrack this API, which allows developers to retrieve the full name, IATA code, and geographical information for cities and airports. And also the Amadeus Hotel Search APITrack this API, which returns a list of hotel offers for a given location and time period. Results include information on location, price, amenities, and other factors to help the user make their selection. This API can be used to provide autocompletion for "origin" and "destination" search fields.

Cross River Bank provides financial technology and banking services. The Cross River Payment APITrack this API provides Banking-as-a-Service access for managing identities, payment instruments, tokens, creating a payment card, listing payouts and more. The Cross River Payment Webhooks APITrack this API allows users to build integrations that subscribe to automated notifications and events. And Cross River Bank ACH Connect APITrack this API allows ACH transactions to be submitted and received, without the use of a full NACHA file. API endpoints are available to retrieve and manage authorizations, transactions, and events, plus more. These APIs are filed in our Banking category.

RandomFox APITrack this API provides access to random images of a fox or group of foxes. This API is listed under the Animals category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Animals APIs.

RandomFox API

Screenshot: RandomFox

Faithlife offers technology tools to support the churches with Bible software, Christian books, mobile applications, and more. The Faithlife Accounts APITrack this API enables developers to manage user accounts of a church online community Platform. This API returns general information about the current user, a specified user, the specified group and more. The Faithlife Community APITrack this API encompasses all social interaction between Faithlife accounts. It includes services to post a comment to an account, get the newsfeed for a specified group and get notes for a specified group. The Faithlife APIs are listed in the Religion category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Religion APIs.

Rocket.Chat is a cloud-based chat platform headquartered in Brazil. The Rocket.Chat APITrack this API allows developers to integrate real-time chat communications with automated back-up capabilities. The API supports user, channel, and group management. The Rocket.Chat Websocket APITrack this API enables real-time communications between chat clients and servers. The Rocket.Chat GraphQL APITrack this API, when activated by the administrator, enables mutable queries associated with team chat software. The Rocket.Chat APIs are listed under the Chat category.

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