Daily API RoundUp: Google Cloud Web Risk, CheckWX, Nuki, iSports

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Eleven APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Security, Weather, and Internet of Things. Highlights include the W3C Badging API for enabling users to see new activity about an application on a home screen. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Google Cloud Web Risk is a service for developers to check URLs against unsafe web resources. The Google Cloud Web Risk Lookup APITrack this API checks for malicious web sources and enables users to be warned before they click or post infected links. The Google Cloud Web Risk Update APITrack this API allows developers to download hashed lists of unsafe resources such as phishing sites or malware hosts for storage in a local database. If a match is found with the local database, the client can request verification from the Web Risk API servers to confirm the URL's presence on the unsafe lists. Both APIs are listed in Security.

CheckWX is a tool to help pilots better visualize weather data. The CheckWX APITrack this API returns aviation weather in JSON and XML formats. The API includes methods for stations, METeorological Aerodrome Reports (METARs), and Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts (TAFs). Developers can implement a station field, station radius, station latitude, and longitude. It is filed under the Weather category.

Retrieve aviation weather information with CheckWX API

Retrieve aviation weather information with CheckWX API. Screenshot: BluePony Technologies

iSports API is a provider of sports data. Developers looking to implement football (soccer) data into applications can use the iSports football APITrack this API and retrieve live scores, lineups, schedules, results, player information, odds and other information for more than 1400 leagues and cups. The API is filed under Sports.

Captcha.guru provides reCAPTCHA and antiCAPTCHA services. With the Captcha.guru APITrack this API, developers can use an image that contains distorted but human-readable text. To solve the CAPTCHA, the user has to type the text from the image. The API supports JSON formats and is listed in the Captcha category.

Nuki is a provider of keyless electronic door locks (smart locks). The Nuki Web APITrack this API provides access to smart lock solutions for iOS and Android devices. Developers can send commands through an HTTPS/ TLS connection, forming a bridge and forwarding actions via Bluetooth. They can Authentication bearer to make calls that will display JSON in return. The Nuki Bridge HTTP APITrack this API can access door openers, current lock states, and lock operations. By calling the URL, developers receive JSON arrays with bridges that include IP address, port, bridge ID, and day of last entry. The APIs are listed in the Internet of Things category.

Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 - Turn your smartphone into an intelligent key Video: YouTube/Nuki Smart Lock

Hansard is the edited verbatim official report of proceedings of both the House of Commons and the House of Lords for The Parliament of New South Wales. The Hansard APITrack this API provides an open way to consume Hansard documents and metadata, including information for sitting dates, members, bills, and more. The Hansard API is listed under the Government category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Government APIs.

SmartPension is a service for automatic enrollment of workplace pensions. The SmartPension APITrack this API returns JSON data with pension details for employees. With the API, developers can implement contributions, companies, referrals, enrollments, bills, advisers, and staging dates. The API is listed in the Human Resources category.

W3C Badging APITrack this API describes the process to set an application-wide badge without showing a more heavyweight notification. Badges can be shown on the home screen to notify the user when the state of the application has changed. This is useful for displaying how many new messages have arrived. The Badging API is listed under the Notifications category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Notifications APIs.

The Badging API can be used to notify users from other places that new events have occured in applications

The Badging API can be used to notify users from other places that new events have occured in applications. Image: Google

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