Daily API RoundUp: Google Marketing, Spectre.ai, Health Gorilla, Songclip, NASA

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Thirteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Video, Stocks, and Science. Featured is the Health Gorilla API, a healthcare API that can be used to send and receive COVID-19 test results. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Google Display & Video 360 is an advertising campaign management Platform for enterprises. The Google Display & Video 360 API allows developers to manage and create campaigns and reports with REST architecture. The Display & Video 360 interface can be utilized to download media, and create download tasks. Developers are recommended to call the API using the Google-provided packages. It is listed in ProgrammableWeb's Advertising category.

Phenix offers is a streaming video platform that uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms to avoid platform failure and enables users to watch real-time content in the same frame at the same time regardless of the device, OS, or location. The Phenix APITrack this API provides streaming video integrations in real-time, and allows developers to manage streams, channels, Authentication, playlists, transcoding, reports and more. The API is listed in the Video category.

Phenix real-time streaming technology drives engagement and live sports betting

Phenix real-time streaming technology drives engagement and live sports betting. Image: Phenix

Health Gorilla combines medical records and lab data from thousands of vendors. Health Gorilla APITrack this API integrates complete clinical data with third parties. The API features REST architecture, and access to health related information including patient data, allergy intolerance, practitioner, care plan, coverage, and family member history. Theis API can be used to place COVID-19 test orders and receive test results from a number of diagnostic vendors. It is listed in the Healthcare category.

Give Food is a UK charity that delivers food to food banks using technology to supply in bulk, the food required in a timely manner. The GiveFood APITrack this API lists UK foodbanks, their locations, and needs, allowing developers to access data over HTTPS in JSON format. The API is listed in the Charity category.

Banknit is a financial technology startup based in Romania that integrates data from over 20 banks under a single, PSD2 compliant API. The Banknit APITrack this API enables third parties to connect to end users' banks in order to read account data and perform transfers. Developers can integrate their financial applications with Banknit and access specific accounts, balances, and transactions.

PSPDFKit is a Framework for working with PDF files. The PSPDFKit APITrack this API provides an HTTP-based API for integrating the service with an existing backend. The API enables users to upload, copy, share, delete PDF documents, plus Fetch, create, update, and delete annotations in a particular document. The API is filed under PDF.

Upload, edit, and manage PDF files with PSPDFKit API

Upload, edit, and manage PDF files with PSPDFKit API. Image: PSPDFKit

Tradematic provides automated trading and asset management software for stocks, futures, foreign exchange, and cryptocurrency. The Tradematic Cloud APITrack this API enables programmatic access to a Back-end infrastructure for building investment and trading apps. Tradematic Cloud provides an algorithmic trading engine + API + ready-made adapters to stock and forex brokers, crypto exchanges, and market data providers. It is listed in the Financial category.

heidelpay combines 200 payment methods in one platform. heidelpay supports FlexiPay, card-based payment methods (Vista, MasterCard, AMEX), and online payment methods. Developers can integrate their applications with heidelpay APITrack this API and 30 shop systems including Magento, PrestaShop, and WooCommerce, etc., with NodeJS, .NET, PHP, and other SDKs. heidelpay is listed in the Payments category.

NASA provides the TechTransfer APITrack this API to give developers structured, searchable access to NASA's patents, software, and technology spinoff descriptions. These have been curated specifically to support technology transfer and make NASA's innovations available to the public. The API is listed in the Science category.

Songclip from Audiobyte provides a way to distribute compliant music clips to social platforms, mobile applications, and virtual marketplaces. The Songclip APITrack this API enables users to bring 5-30 second clips of songs, plus GIFs and videos to applications. Developers can use the RESTful API with a JSEND response format to enhance app User Experience with music. It is listed in the Music category.

Use the Songclip API to add music to content

Use the Songclip API to add music to content. Image: Audiobyte

Spectre. AI is a high frequency, low risk trading platform for the Asian market. The Spectre.ai APITrack this API enables developers to connect to the Spectre.ai platform in order to create, read, and use resources and content within an approved third-party application. The Spectre.ai API returns user data, trading data, chart histories, and user trading histories. This API is lised in the Stocks category.

Meero is a platform for photographers. The Meero APITrack this API returns data from Meero photography services. Developers can retrieve data about photo shoots, agencies, payments, and models. Meero is headquartered in Paris. The Meero API is listed under the Photos category.

Circle is USD Coin (USDC) stablecoin service provider. The Circle API enables businesses to harness the power of stablecoins. Stablecoins offer the flexibility and security of cryptocurrencies, and the low volatility of government issued currencies. The Circle API integrates global banking connectivity and wallet infrastructure with external Fintech applications. This API is listed in the Cryptocurrency category.

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