Daily API RoundUp: Google Places, SocialRadar, Float, Audiosear.ch

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Nine APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in Podcasts, Bitcoin, Location, Scheduling, and Data Mining categories. Also highlighted here are Node.js and Java libraries for Telegram API.


Audiosear.ch is a full-text search and recommendation API for podcasts and radio. The goal of this audio intelligence API is to provide smart audio recommendations based on networks, shows, categories, and topics. To authorize access, developers need OAuth. A visible link is available to test the API on the Audiosear.ch site.

Audiosea.rch podcast search website screenshot

image: Screenshot of Audiosear.ch website

We've primarily categorized the Audiosear.ch API under the Podcasts category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Podcasts APIs.

CoinMate.io is a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency online trading Portal. With the CoinMate.io REST API developers can get current Bitcoin market condition information, retrieve transaction details, and withdraw Bitcoins. We've primarily categorized the CoinMate.io API under the Bitcoin category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Bitcoin APIs.

SocialRadar's LocationKit is a location manager for applications and devices. It is an alternative to the core location services of iOS and Google, and allows developers to include advanced location services as part of their applications without any location experience. The SocialRadar LocationKit REST API gives developers methods including initializing location services, retrieving single-point locations, and streaming location data.

SocialRadar app

image: SocialRadar App screenshot from the Google Play Store

We've primarily categorized the SocialRadar LocationKit API under the Location category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Location APIs.

Float is a team management Platform. It is designed to help teams manage multiple projects, shifting deadlines, and the changing skillsets and availabilities of team members. Using the Float API, developers can access the service to create, share, and update their Float data, including their people, projects, tasks, holidays, and milestones. We've primarily categorized the Float API under the Scheduling category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Scheduling APIs.

AlchemyAPI is a data mining platform. It provides a set of semantic analysis capabilities in the natural language processing field. Customers are able to perform social media monitoring, target advertisements, track sentiment in media, and automate content aggregation and recommendation. It will also extract the URLs of images from an HTML document.

Last week, we added several APIs from AlchemyAPI to the directory. We highlight some more new additions from AlchemyAPI here:

AlchemyAPI Image Link Extraction API performs image link extraction on publicly accessible web-based content and HTML files.

AlchemyAPI Text Extraction Web API extracts text, titles, and other information from internet content and posted text files. This API uses URL processing calls to automatically return a specific webpage and extract the article text or title. The AlchemyAPI Text Extraction API has an HTML page cleaning facility to provide normalized and clean content, which allows for targeted extraction of relevant article text.

AlchemyAPI Microformats Parsing API creates a platform for extracting Microformats-formatted data from content. Mircroformats content is extracted through processing calls made to specific web pages. API calls can be used to process hosted webpages, blogs, and other public web content.

AlchemyAPI Web Feed Detection API allows for the extraction of links to RSS / ATOM feeds that are embedded in web content. RSS / ATOM Feed links are automatically extracted from targeted webpages. Hosted and public webpages, along with blogs, can be processed with this API.

AlchemyAPI Taxonomy API allows users to classify their content into topic categories up to five levels deep. Content can be filtered or grouped for further analysis or to track topics. Narrow classification enables users to target decisions with finer resolution.

Many of these APIs are listed in the Data Mining category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Data Mining APIs.


Google Places Java Library by Walker Crouse allows developers to integrate the Google Places API into their Java applications.

Telegram is a mobile messaging platform that offers highly encrypted messaging services so users can send messages, photos, and videos to selected contacts privately. They also offer the Telegram API for Integration.

Enrico Stara offers this Telegram JavaScript Node.js Library, an API Library in JavaScript and Node.js. This tool may be useful for hybrid mobile applications such as phone and tablet, desktop web applications such as standard HTML5 browsers, and server-side applications equal to the command-line interface as stated on GitHub. This library allows a developer to run client-applications and connect to the Telegram data accessing the API. Resources include guides for installation, unit testing, and how-to. This is offered under an MIT license.

Telegram Java Library by Stepan Korshakov permits users to make remote procedure calls to Telegram API. The author includes dependencies' implementation and source code instructions. Guides are available in English and Russian. This library is also under an MIT license.

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