Daily API RoundUp: Gracenote, Diffbot Video Extraction, ADP, Fotolia

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We've added 15 APIs to the ProgrammableWeb directory under video, OCR, Human Resources, and other categories. Take a look at what's new in this summary.


SemaMedia Data provides video analysis services. Two APIs for integration with the service are available. The SemaMediaData Lecture Video Analysis API allows users to detect lecture slide transition in video presentations, recognize text (OCR), extract keywords, and analyze video browsing. And the SemaMediaData Video Segmentation API allows users to implement visual detection features into applications. It works by separating a video stream into scenes, recognizing camera transitions. Responses are available in JSON format.

Semamediadata Video OCR technology is demonstrated in this video / YouTube/SemaMediaData


We've categorized the SemaMediaData APIs under the OCR category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of OCR APIs.

Diffbot provides APIs and algorithms for extracting data from websites. With the Diffbot Video Extraction API, developers can extract information from a video, including images, URL, and embed code, author, date, duration, viewCount, and humanLanguage information.

Panopto is a video platform for education and businesses to share knowledge. The Panopto Video Platform API allows integration of video features including capturing and streaming lectures. Documentation includes server integration, web services, security, and more.

We've categorized the Diffbot Video Extraction and well as the Panopto APIs under the Video category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Video APIs.

Gracenote (formerly CDDB) maintains and licenses data about audio CDs, digital file identifications, and song lyrics. Three APIs have been added to the directory for use with Gracenote's database.

The Gracenote Data Delivery API is a read only application to access TV and movie schedules and episode information.

Gracenote Rhythm API lets developers integrate radio and music recommendation features into web services. It supports regulation provided by the Digital Millenium Copyright Act.

The Gracenote Online Video API allows integration of video content and a social media API component, which aims to engage users through their preference for movies and TV shows. The Gracenote APIs are listed under the Entertainment category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Entertainment APIs.

Fotolia is an image repository from Adobe, which offers over 46 million royalty-free professional and crowdsourced images for subscription or pay-as-you-go rates. The Fotolia Print on Demand API allows users to integrate image library features into ready to print applications. Developers of printing applications, web design solutions, and print on-demand services can find the API useful. The Fotolia Intranet API is also available to access data for searching, filtering, organizing, tracking, and downloading Fotolia images.


Add image services to apps via Fotolia APIs

Fotolia APIs can help users query, track, and download images from the Fotolia service / image: Fotolia


The Fotolia APIs are listed under the Photos category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Photos APIs.

The PKPass API from Open Merchant Account offers an Apple Wallet coupon generation system for integration. The coupons are ready for use, and users can avoid navigating through Apple's security certificates. This API is categorized under Coupons. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Coupons APIs.

WorldWide Parcel Services is a global tracking and delivery company and is based in the U.K. The WorldWide Parcel Services API offers a shipping system to integrate with existing applications. The API allows access to shipment booking and tracking data. We've listed this API under the Shipping category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Shipping APIs.

ADP provides payroll services to businesses in the U.S. A number of new APIs from the company have been added to the directory and are listed below.

ADP Payroll API provides developer tools for payroll management including distribution, tax statements, ATM locators, Paycard Funding Initiation, and more.

ADP Benefits API brings developers tools for Health and Welfare Administration Services. This includes developer tools for benefit elections and enrollment services, flexible spending account management, and retirement plans.

ADP Core API brings developers tools for core services which cross domains. This includes Calendars, Notifications, Data Management, News, and more.

ADP Marketplace API provides a structure to interact with the other ADP APIs.

All the ADP APIs are available only in the US, but will be opened up globally soon. They are listed under the Human Resources category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Human Resources APIs.

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