Daily API RoundUp: GrayMeta, Silvergate Bank, Captain Coaster Testim, GlobalSign

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Ten APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Big Data, Cryptocurrency and Sports. Highlights include an API for roller coaster enthusiasts, and an API for returning precious metal pricing. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Captain Coaster is a community website that allows users to review, rate, and rank roller coasters. The Captain Coaster APITrack this API allows developers to get roller coaster resources, image resources, park resources, and status resources from the Captain Coaster website. Captain Coaster is free to use and is not affiliated with any park, manufacturer, or amusement industry company. It is listed in the Entertainment category.

Get ratings, height, speed, location, and other details about roller coasters with this API

Get ratings, height, speed, location, and other details about roller coasters with this API. Image: Captain Coaster

DGCSC.org offers free access to XML and JSON formatted files of frequently updated gold and silver prices. The DGCSC API provides a RESTful prices Feed of Gold and silver that returns results in XML or JSON and updates every 2 minutes. This includes prices for gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals for the past 18 years. The API is filed under Prices.

GrayMeta is an AI-powered enterprise metadata Platform. The GrayMeta Platform APITrack this API enables users to programmatically interact with the platform with methods to view and manage jobs, items, people, roles, activity, comments, favorites, and more. The GrayMeta Platform harvests content from enterprise storage and extracts metadata via this API, which is listed in the Big Data category.

Silvergate Bank is a financial firm based in San Diego, CA that focuses on innovation for cryptocurrency startups. The Silvergate Bank APITrack this API retrieves banking and digital currency features in JSON, text JSON, application XML, and text XML representations. Use the API to manage accounts, customers, transfers, payments, plus get loan balance and more. This API is listed in the Banking category.

Testim provides AI-powered software testing services. The Testim Dev Kit APITrack this API and Javascript SDK enable developers to write or edit end-to-end coded tests in their IDE. The API is listed in the Testing category.

iSports Basketball APITrack this API provides data about more than 300 basketball leagues and cups, including matches from 50 countries. Get live scores, lineups, schedules, results, player information, and odds with this API, which is filed under Sports.

GlobalSign provides WebTrust-certified certificate authority (CAs) and Identity Services for the Internet of Everthing (IoE). The GlobalSign Certificate Inventory APITrack this API connects to the Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) service, allowing customers to run on-premise public key infrastructure (PKIs) for Authentication purposes. The API adds commercial grade capabilities to their internal PKIs thus ensuring real-time certificate management, validation, and revocation. it is listed in the Internet of Things category.

CoinAll is a digital asset exchange platform. The CoinAll Wallet APITrack this API allows developers to transfer funds among their main account, sub accounts, and various trading accounts. The API can also get deposit addresses and make withdrawals. The CoinAll Token Trading APITrack this API provides endpoints for retrieving market data, accessing account data, managing orders, and getting bill details for a trading account. The CoinAll Websocket APITrack this API allows developers to subscribe or unsubscribe from one or more data channels. Public channels provide access to ticker, kline, trade, and depth data feeds.

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