Daily API RoundUp: Green Money, AgeChecker, 3Cols, Cohesity, RocketGate

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Fourteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Payments, Messaging, and Mapping. Highlights include an API for Cohesity data management and backup service, and an API for WhatsApp messaging event notifications. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


AgeChecker offers an age verification service for e-commerce websites selling age restricted products. The Age Verification APITrack this API provides verification services to validate age. It supports photo uploads for verification, automatically emailing/texting a customer for Asynchronous verification, and it sends the customer data directly to the service for verification. Options offered are passing in custom metadata, using a Callback URL, automatically emailing/texting a customer for asynchronous verification and more. This API is listed in the Verification category.

Create custom age verification integrations with AgeChecker API

Create custom age verification integrations with AgeChecker API. Image: AgeChecker

Cohesity is a data management Platform that enables backup and recovery features, cloud integrations, archival features, analytics, and object storage support. The Cohesity APITrack this API enables developers to access data clusters, directories, groups, nodes, protection policies, vaults, and more. The API implements Token-based Authentication. This API is listed in the Data.

WhatsApp is a messaging application operated by Facebook. The WhatsApp Business APIs allow businesses to interact with and reach customers all over the world, connecting them using end-to-end Encryption to ensure only the intended parties can read or listen to messages and calls. The WhatsApp Business Streaming APITrack this API provides event-triggered HTTP POST callbacks to a webhook URL given by the developer. This API can send notifications for inbound messages, inbound media messages, inbound replies to sent messages, and more. Find this API in the Messaging category.

VaroPago is an online payment platform for the Latin America market. VaroPago functions as middleman between customer bank accounts and their proprietary Varo card. This card is refillable and replaceable. Developers are able to access payment histories, security features, and associated accounts. VaroPago APITrack this API is accessible indirectly, via SDKs in different languages. This API is listed in the Payments category.

3Cols is a cloud based snippet manager allowing you to share code snippets with a team enabling greater productivity and encouraging reusable code. The 3Cols API allows adding, editing and deleting of your snippets. Find this API in the DevOps category.

3Cols API

Screenshot: 3Cols

TODASApps SEC EDGAR APITrack this API provides the easiest way to search, retrieve, view, analyze and download millions of SEC Filings from the SEC EDGAR System. In addition, the API also gives you the ability to retrieve millions of documents relating to SEC Enforcement Actions from 1960 to current. Find this API in the Financial category.

Unofficial Target APITrack this API enables users to query stores, categories, products and more from Target retail stores website. It is not officially associated with Target Corporation. This API is listed in the eCommerce category.

WorldPop develops peer-reviewed research and methods for the construction of open and high-resolution geospatial data. The WorldPop APITrack this API can display mapping populations, spatial demographics, and population dynamics in JSON format. This service is focused on low and middle-income countries. This API is listed in the Mapping category.

RocketGate is an eCommerce gateway and payment processing platform. The RocketGate APITrack this API, which is accessible indirectly via SDKs, features advanced reporting, multiple currency support, merchant support tools, recurring billing, automated charge-back processing, and risk management. Find this API in the Payments category.

Cloudmersive provides computer vision and natural language REST APIs. The Cloudmersive Video and Media Services APITrack this API enables users to convert and encode video, audio and media files and content between a wide array of commonly-used file formats such as MP4, WebM, MOV, GIF, MP3, M4A, WAV and AAC. Users may also edit, resize, extract still frames and process media files via this API, which is listed in the Video category.

Green Money is a payment service that allows vendors to debit their customers' bank accounts directly in order to avoid credit card fees. The company offers several APIs for Integration, which we have added to the Payments category.

Green Money Report API allows developers to retrieve, filter, and display data from Green Money's system in their own custom reports. It is available in RPCTrack this API or RESTTrack this API architecture.

Green Money eCheck API allows developers to enter drafts, billpays, and invoices into the Green Money system as well as get information about those entries once they're accepted. It is available in RPCTrack this API or RESTTrack this API architecture.

Green Money eNotification API allows developers to retrieve and delete system event notifications. Developers can choose to retrieve all notifications or just unseen notifications. It is also available in RPCTrack this API or RESTTrack this API architecture.

Food Categories Recognition APITrack this API takes a JSON Payload containing photo data or an URL of an image and returns JSON formatted percentage predictions of food categories. This API is able detect breads, cereals, cheese, eggs, meat, fish, fruits, greens, milk, noodles, nuts, pasta, poultry, rice, sea fruits, vegetables, and yogurt. The API is optimized for raw, uncooked foods. The Food Categories Recognition API is intended for nutritionists, eCommerce websites, students, researchers, and food manufacturers. Find this API in the Food category.

Video: YouTube/De Vis Software

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