Daily API RoundUp: IronCore, Serato, OSHA, Indigopilot, Cardknox

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Ten APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Safety, Payments, and Location. Highlights include an API from IronCore for managing enterpise privacy, and an API for tracking injuries reported to OSHA. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


IronCore enables developers to manage, protect, and segment sensitive data. IronCore offers end-to-end data privacy solutions and cloud capabilities to simplify compliance and trust with Encryption, device management, tamper-proof monitoring, and key management. The IronCore APITrack this API is accessible via several SDKs. It is listed in the Privacy category.

IronCore Labs API

Screensot: IronCore Labs

Google Civic Information APITrack this API allows developers to access civic information including Polling place, early vote location, candidate data, and election official information for use in third party applications. The API data available in v2 focuses on election related information. The API is listed in the Voting category.

PdfBroker.io provides a secure and simple PDF generator API. The PdfBroker.io APITrack this API generates PDF documents from XML or HTML, converts PDF documents to an image, writes text on existing PDF documents, and concatenates PDF documents into a single file. Developers can include their own fonts or automatically load Google fonts. It is listed in the PDF category.

Serato provides audio software for DJs and producers. Serato offers an interface to connect to Serato Web Services which enable partner promotion management, program management, and user management. The Serato APITrack this API is accessible via several SDKs, and is filed under the Music category.

Interact with Serato DJ Pro via Javascript, PHP, Python and other SDKs

Interact with Serato DJ Pro via JavaScript, PHP, Python and other SDKs. Image: Serato

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a division of the U.S. Department of Labor. The OSHA Injury Tracking APITrack this API allows companies and organizations to report injury and illness records to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Data submitted to this environment does not satisfy an employers' requirement to provide their injury and illness data to OSHA, and data will be purged periodically. Developers can send annual average employees, total hours worked, total deaths, total injuries, and more related information. This API is listed in the Safety category.

Indigopilot enables developers to integrate web scraping capabilities into applications. The Indigopilot APITrack this API supports automatic parsing, custom headers, and geolocation features. The API is REST-based, handles rotating proxy servers, Headless browsers, defeats CAPTCHAs, and returns JSON-formatted responses. It is listed in the Data Mining category.

Fastah from Blackbuck Computing provides mobile network optimization. The Fastah IP Geolocation APITrack this API enables geo-targeting, displaying country or city specific pages, analytics, and data-visualization. The API is powered by AWS which allows for any application to rapidly map visitor's IP address to a city, timezone, and country. It is listed in the Location category.

Mashvisor enables developers to conduct real estate market analysis of any US housing market. This Platform supports both long term rental properties and short term rental properties like Airbnb. The Mashvisor APITrack this API offers price estimates, traditional rental rates, recurring rental expenses, Airbnb nightly rates, occupancy rate, cap rate and more. It is listed in the Real Estate category.

Cardknox offers an API that supports payment gateway Integration for in-store, online, and mobile transactions. Developers can create solutions featuring credit cards, ACH checks, EBT food stamps, EBT cash benefits, EBT WIC, and gift cards. Cardknox is co-branded with Fidelity Payment Services. The Cardknox API is listed in the Payments category.

Safe2Pay is a payment platform dedicated to enable direct bank payments, credit card payments, debit card payments, and add cryptocurrency support. The Safe2Pay APITrack this API allows developers to access available payment options, cancel payments, and access marketplace accounts. The Safe2Pay API is also listed under the Payments category.

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