Daily API RoundUp: IXN Tech, Xandr, actiTIME, Whisk, SightMill

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Fourteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Insurance, 3D, Feedback, and Travel. Highlights include Language data APIs from Linguatools and an API for rendering chart images. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Whisk is a food Platform for building digital food experiences. The Whisk Graph APITrack this API allows developers to interact with the Whisk platform in order to integrate recipe feeds, recipe search, shopping lists, ecommerce, food data, and personalization features into their own applications. This is an HTTP-based API that has been heavily inspired by the Facebook Graph API. It is file in the Food category.

Whisk API

Screenshot: Whisk

IXN Tech provides insurance industry developers with InsurTech platforms. The IXN Tech Life Quotes APITrack this API provides access to Life Insurance Quoting. It allows users to retrieve a list of quotes for specified criteria, retrieve the details of a previously ran quote and more. The IXN Tech Market Analysis APITrack this API allows users to analyze current term life insurance products for carriers, IMO's, BGA's, and more. Both IXN Tech APIs are listed under the Insurance category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Insurance APIs.

actiTIME is time management and scope management software. The actiTIME Open APITrack this API enables users to gain direct access to their data and interact with it programmatically. Use the API to extract almost any information from actiTIME, add new items, create custom reports or build integrations third-party applications. The actiTIME API is filed under Time Tracking.


Screenshot: actiTIME

Xandr is an advertising platform owned by AT&T. The Xandr APITrack this API returns advertising data in JSON format, aiming to implement data-driven decisions features into applications. Developers can use a token to authenticate. Methods are available for data about members, profiles, buy and sell cycles, reports, marketplace and more. The Xandr API is listed under the Advertising category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Advertising APIs.

Travelopro provides XML API Integration services for travel applications. The Travelopro APITrack this API includes methods for flight, hotel, car, transfer and sightseeing. With the API, developers can build booking systems from multiple GDS and consolidators, taking products and various functions from the other sources and to receive data feeds in XML format. Documentation and access is available by contacting the provider directly. This API is listed under Travel.

SightMill is Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey platform. The SightMill Webhooks APITrack this API enables webhook requests to generate and send an email or SMS NPS survey. Net Promoter Score is a system used for measuring customer satisfaction. This API is filed under Feedback.

Image-Charts APITrack this API returns a chart image in response to a URL GET or POST request. The API can generate many kinds of charts, including pie, line, bar charts and radars. Image-Charts is a can act as a replacement for the deprecated Google Image Charts API. We have listed this API in the Charts category.

Image charts API

Screenshot: Image Charts

Whaleclub is a bitcoin and altcoin trading platform. Developers can use the Whaleclub APITrack this API to submit new trades, check their balance, get their trade history, and more. This API works with both live and demo accounts. All requests, responses, and errors are encoded in JSON. The API is listed in the Cryptocurrency category.

The Digital Elevation Model - Terrainizer APITrack this API enables 3D file or 3D mesh models in glTF format of any terrain selection. Developers need to provide 3D point coordinates. Data is sent and received in JSON format. The API supports a maximum of 2,601 3D points per request. It is filed under 3D.

Linguatools supports Language data services for dictionaries, example sentences, conjugation data and more. Several APIs from Lingautools were added to the Language category.

Linguatools Conjugation APITrack this API looks up words in a dictionary and returns all conjugated forms with the associated English tenses. The forms cover combinations of present, past, and future with progressive and perfect tense, for each of indicative, conditional, and passive voice.

Linguatools Collocations APITrack this API looks up words in a dictionary and returns all collocations, with up to 3 example sentences for each collocation and the syntactic relation of each collocation.

Linguatools Translate APITrack this API allows users to filter by word class and minimum frequency and also to look up words in a dictionary.

Linguatools Top Spanish Collocations APITrack this API looks up words in a Spanish collocation database and returns the best Spanish collocations plus example sentences for each collocation.

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