Daily API RoundUp: Kontist, Runway Calculator, Doorda, Supadu, ScopeMaster

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Fourteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Big Data, Publishing, and Financial. Highlights include the PatherizerEV API for providing route optimization to electronic vehicles, and ScopeMaster API for software requirements analysis. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


ScopeMaster is a tool for intelligent software requirements analysis. The ScopeMaster REST API exposes the results of automated software requirements analysis. Developers can get quality scores for individual user stories and sets of user stories. They can also use the API to synchronize user stories with other repositories such as Jira and Azure DevOps. Methods are available for Apps, Requirements, Me (my account), and Versions. It is listed in the Testing category.

ScopeMaster API is for software requirements intellgience

Screenshot: ScopeMaster

PatherizerEV Route Optimization API For Electric Vehicles (EV)Track this APITrack this API is a REST API that allows users to determine the best routes for electronic vehicles. This cross-browser API supports a maximum of 100 stops per route or request, and returns the start and end destinations plus computed travel time. The input addresses are geocoded, so the JSON response will include latitude and longitude of each stop. This API is listed in the Transportation category.

Doorda is a trusted data Platform that consolidates datasets into one self-service cloud provider. The Doorda APITrack this API provides an easy way to Feed data into any organization. The Doorda API allows developers to automate internal data processes, auto populate forms, and reduce the time required to manipulate data. It is listed in the Big Data category.

Supadu provides website themes especially for University Presses, allowing users to implement eCommerce, website search, metadata, feeds, and analytics. The Supadu Supafolio APITrack this API enables publishers and booksellers to provide searchable product data for websites, mobile apps, chatbots or other services. The API retrieves publishing data including books, contributors, events, and imprints. The Supafolio API is listed in the Publishing category.

Supado Supafolio API for University Presses to sell books

Screenshot: Supadu

Nubentos MedicsenAPI is a REST APITrack this API that utilizes AI to deliver the predicted future glucose levels of a diabetic patient for the next 120 minutes, based on information received from continuous glucose monitors, food intake, exercise and/or insulin administration. The API analyzes how changes in patient's behavior affect glucose levels and then customizes recommendations. This API is available from Nubentos The API Marketplace for Health. It is listed in the Medicine category.

Runway Calculator predicts when a startup's cash reserves will run out or will become profitable. The Runway Calculator APITrack this API returns a startup's revenue, cost growth, and cash reserves. The API retrieves the current balance and every transaction from bank accounts. It connects to a bank automatically using Plaid to see a live chart of a startup's finances. This API is listed in the Financial category.

Directa24 APITrack this API retrieves local payment features for emerging international markets. The API can be used to process payments for currencies in South America or China via cash payments, credit cards, online banking, and market-specific popular solutions. Developers can implement applications with deposits, cash outs, and easy cashouts. This API is filed under Payments.

Kontist is a banking platform designed for freelancers and the self-employed. The Kontist GraphQL APITrack this API enables developers to Fetch transactions and create new transfers. Kontist features dynamic advance tax payments, real-time tax forecasting, and account synchronization. The API is listed in Banking.

Affise is a performance marketing platform. The Affise APITrack this API allows Integration with the platform, provides configurable dashboards, IP intelligence, AI smart links, tailored UI design and is targeted to eCommerce, mobile, gambling, gaming, dating, nutra, crypto, and finance areas. This API is listed under Marketing.

Zest.Golf provides online booking features for the golf industry. The Zest.Golf APITrack this API enables developers to access golf courses available for booking, golf course lists, available tee times, and booking management. The API offers a booking interface which can link to the booking page or embed the booking page. It is listed in the Booking category.

Tuxx provides information APIs to developers, including:

The Tuxx IBAN validate APITrack this API checks if an IBAN number is valid or invalid for bank account numbers in Europe and a few countries outside Europe.

The Tuxx Country codes - ISO 3166 APITrack this API provides a list given a country code. ISO 3166 is the International Standard for country codes and codes for their subdivisions.

The Tuxx EU Country APITrack this API checks whether a given country is a country in the European Union.

The Tuxx Business Days APITrack this API enables developers to determine working days based on business days, not including weekends and official celebration days.

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