Daily API RoundUp: KubeMQ, BidSwitch, Smartly.ai, Neuromation, Bandyer

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Eleven APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Auto, Cryptocurrency, and DevOps. Highlights include an API for adding intelligent chat bots to applications and an API for getting random cat facts. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Plate Recognizer provides an API for fast Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR). The Plate Recognizer APITrack this API helps applications to read license plates from images, aiming to help parking enforcement, neighborhood safety, and parking management. It is listed in our Recognition category.

Decipher numbers and letters on plates via Plate Recognizer API

Decipher numbers and letters on plates via Plate Recognizer API. Image: Plate Recognizer

KubeMQ is a Kubernetes message queue broker. The KubeMQ APITrack this API enables enterprise-grade messaging in applications. KubeMQ features real-time, scalable messaging capabilities with low latency, and support for multiple messaging patterns, including real-time pub/sub, request/reply, and a persistent queue, by using Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS). The RPC API enables developers to create and connect messaging clusters, retrieve Tokens, and more. It is listed in the DevOps category.

BidSwitch provides infrastructure for programmatic advertising bidding services. The BidSwitch APITrack this API retrieves data to interconnect media in video, mobile, and visual display forms. Resources include ads, sellers, reports, case studies and fact sheets, impression delivery, tracking, invoice, and private marketplaces. BidSwitch API is filed under Advertising.

MoonX enables ultra-low latency cryptocurrency trading in applications. The MoonX APITrack this API features REST architecture, and JSON responses. MoonX's Implication Engine allows users to convert their base trading currency into any format. This improves liquidity and trading volume, while maintaining competition potential. It's listed under Cryptocurrency.

HPI Vehicle Data APITrack this API returns vehicle data from automobiles in the UK, including maps, codes, records, and data points. With HPI, developers can access car history checks and car valuations. It also provides DVLA, finance data, MOT history, plate change info, reported stolen records, Euro emissions standards, safety recall and other data. The Vehicle Data API is listed in the Auto category.

HPI Vehicle Data API

Screenshot: HPI

Meow Facts APITrack this API provides random cat facts over unauthenticated GET requests. Developers can retrieve a specific fact or more than one fact by passing the appropriate parameters. It's listed in the Animals category.

The Volkswagen Car-Net API provides information associated with VW vehicle status, and vehicle settings. Credentials must be passed with a POST request in a JSON Payload. It is listed under Auto.

D7SMS APITrack this API enables developers to reach customers via SMS. This service is supported worldwide. The API features tools for customer engagement. The API is capable of performing batch messaging, and returning account information. It is filed under Messaging.

Smartly. AI is a conversational Platform. The Smartly.ai APITrack this API provides bots, voice, chats, and Artificial Intelligence features to implement into webchat applications. It is compatible with Facebook Messenger, SMS, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. The Smartly.AI bots speak over 140 languages. The API is listed under Chat.

Bandyer enables video communication and collaboration from a browser. The Bandyer APITrack this API is an HTTP Cloud interface that enables users to create calls and handle advanced features such as archiving and broadcast services on the Bandyer platform. The Bandyer Webhooks API provides event callbacks so users can monitor and intercept specific events in their backend service. Bandyer is in the Video category.

Neuromation provides customized AI and Machine Learning solutions designed for enterprise. Neuromation supports AI-powered cameras, object detection and classification, medical imaging, industrial robots, and computer vision systems. The Neuro platform is a machine learning development tool enabling rapid model iteration. This indirect APITrack this API is accessible through a Python SDK. Neuromation is listed under the Artificial Intelligence category.

Neuromation API

Screenshot: Neuromation

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