Daily API RoundUp: LOVO, Friends Quotes, SeekStorm, Optidash, Bannerbear

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Eight APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Graphics, Education, and Holidays. Highlights include an API for working with Ethereum tokens, and an API for integrating human voice over functions, and an some APIs that assist designers with graphic production. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


SeekStorm is a Search-as-a-Service and a Crawler-as-a-Service. The SeekStorm Search APITrack this API offers methods to manage indices, queries, documents and crawl jobs. This crawler turns any website into searchable JSON docs. Find the SeekStorm API in the Search category in the ProgrammableWeb directory.

Seekstorm API

Screenshot: SeekStorm

Optidash is an image optimization Platform powered by Artificial Intelligence. The Optidash APITrack this API enables applications to optimize images via resizing, Scaling, adjusting, cropping, stylizing, filtering, watermarking, and face detection. If image is already online, send a JSON Payload containing an image URL and requested processing steps. Or upload via the API. Find this API in the Optimization category.

FestDays APITrack this API returns holiday data for companies, logistics, eCommerce, sales and more. This API provides data about holidays for 200 countries, 2000 regions and 200 cities. It returns holiday results by date, region, IP address, type of holiday, city, language, currency, and other parameters. It is filed in the Holidays category.

LOVO is a DIY voiceover creation platform. The LOVO APITrack this API provides artificial intelligence voice-over services. This API allows applications to convert text to speech in more than 40 different human voices. It's useful to create lifelike interactions (not robotic voices) with users for customer service, device interaction, and other applications. Find this API in the Voice category.


Screenshot: LOVO

Friends Quotes APITrack this API returns quotes from the TV series, Friends. Get all quotes, random quotes, and a specified number of random quotes plus the character that said the quote, with this API, which is listed in the TV category.

Student Status is a student-verification-as-a-service in which a form is embedded to a website which verifies students by official school email address or document such as student ID or class schedule. The Student Status APITrack this API provides instant verification for students. Get JSON responses that include email, name, verification type and URL in seconds with this service. Find this API under Education.

Chaingateway.io API enables developers to work with ERC20 tokens. Use this API to manage ERC20 payments, exchanges, wallet functions, sending tokens or building a bridge between a website currency and an ERC20 token. Chaingateway.io is a "REST API to build the bridge between Ethereum and the real world." Find this API in the Cryptocurrency category.

Bannerbear is an API to automate image designs. The Bannerbear APITrack this API auto-generates social media visuals, eCommerce banners and more. Design a template in Bannerbear and it will be automatically turned into an API, enabling users to generate variations of the design into JPGs and PNGs. The API includes methods for accounts, images, videos, templates, collections, crawlers, airtable, and more. This API is listed in the Graphics category.

Bannerbear API

Screenshot: Bannerbear

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