Daily API RoundUp: Lucidtech, Snyk, Birdlance, Occuspace, Instamojo

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Fourteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Cryptocurrency, Payments, and Transportation. Also new to the directory is the Samsara API Industrial IoT, and the Snyk API for open source security. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Birdlance is an online marketplace for artists that helps freelance photographers and illustrators with proof of authorship and intellectual property. The Birdlance APITrack this API returns information about artist transactions, notes, operations, accounts, currency, and utility data via an Endpoint port. The Birdlance API is listed under the Art category.

Birdlance API

Screenshot: Birdlance

Samsara provides Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions. Samsara has endpoints available to track and analyze sensors, vehicles, and fleets. The Samsara APITrack this API enables programmatic access for fleet management, cameras and safety, asset tracking, and other industry solutions. This API is listed in the IoT category.

Occuspace is a solution to optimize spaces, make data-informed decisions based on spaces, and improve visitor experience. The Occuspace APITrack this API displays how many occupants are in an administrative space. It uses sensors to count the number people in large spaces, such as number of students in large in university libraries or employees in buildings and offices. It reports the data via mobile and web for analysis. This API is listed under Internet of Things.

Lucidtech provides developers with tools for intelligent Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. The Lucidtech APITrack this API returns OCR in JSON format to extract data from invoices, documents, and receipts. Developers can access the API with a Python SDK and check out the sample code as a reference. The Lucidtech API is listed under the OCR category.

Lucidtech trains machine learning models on users' data including receipts for accurate extraction

Lucidtech trains Machine Learning models on users' data including receipts for accurate extraction. Screenshot: Lucidtech

Complete Criminal Checks Offender APITrack this API provides criminal check data. It covers all USA states plus Puerto Rico for convicted sex offender crimes. The API offers both name lookups and mappable address complete with latitude/ and longitude coordinates. Users can make 25 calls per day free with upgrades available. Developers need to register for API access and Documentation. The API is listed under the Crime category.

Instamojo is a payment gateway solution for businesses in India. The Instamojo payments APITrack this API provides a way to integrate payments services on any website with any Stack. It allows users manage payment functions programmatically. It is listed in the Payments category.

SERPhouse allows users to target geography locations, domains, languages in Google and Bing search engines. The SERPhouse REST APITrack this API provides a way to access and integrate real Google and Bing results to develop new SEO tools and applications. Developers can create a free account for testing and Integration with their software. The SERPhouse API is filed in the SEO category.


Screenshot: SERPhouse

Solutions by Text provides businesses with customer service via texting solutions. The Solutions by Text APITrack this API provides two-way texting features to make payments, send billing reminders, send collections reminders, and achieve compliance statuses. The API is listed in our Business category.

Snyk is a service to help developers automatically find and fix open source vulnerabilities. The Snyk APITrack this API provides security to developers targeting open-source platforms. With the API, developers can test packages for issues, evaluates deployed code, and reports a snapshot of the dependency versions in use. The Snyk API is listed under the Security category.

Snyk provides container security, application security, and license compliance services

Snyk provides Container security, application security, and license compliance services. Screenshot: Snyk

DEM Net Elevation APITrack this API provides 3D textured models and elevation data. The API can be used to retrieve dataset sources, specific dataset information, reports, elevation for a specific location, and imagery information. It is filed under Mapping.

CREX24 is a cryptocurrency exchange Platform that supports limit, market, and stop-limit orders. The CREX24 Trade API enables crypto-exchange functionalities in applications. The API can be used to access account, trading, and market JSON data. It is listed in the Cryptocurrency category.

KangRouter is a software solution for personalized transport. The KangRouter APITrack this API enables users to integrate with transport planning services. It computes optimal schedules and routes constrained by existing fleet, vehicle configuration, stop time windows, work time, and more. The KangRouter API is listed under the Transportation category.

Unofficial Yummly APITrack this API enables users to query data about a recipe, plan, ingredients and more from the Yummly recipe application. The API is not officially associated with Yummly.

Unofficial Tasty APITrack this API enables users to query data about a recipe, plan, ingredients and more from the Tasty food network. It is not officially associated with Tasty.

Both of these unofficial APIs are listed in the Food category.

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