Daily API RoundUp: MAAS, Addison Lee, Waitlist, Friendbuy, Celitech

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Ten APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Transportation, Museums, and Location. Highlights include an API that provides estimates about C02 emissions and an API for adding users to a waiting list. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (MAAS) is Australia's contemporary museum for excellence and innovation in applied arts and sciences. The database contains thousands of images and documents from the museum's science and collections that are stored in the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney Observatory and Museums Discovery Centre. The MAAS GraphQL APITrack this API enables users to query and retrieve museum collection objects, multimedia, and narratives (groups of objects) using Graph Query Language. A MAAS REST APITrack this API is also available. Both APIs are listed in the Museums category.

Retrieve data about thousands of objects with the MAAS APIs

Retrieve data about thousands of objects with the MAAS APIs. Screenshot: MAAS

Abstract IP geolocation APITrack this API enalbes users to retrieve the location of any IP including city, region, country, longitude and latitude. Extra data are also provided to enrich systems with languages, timezone and more. The API can also be embedded through Front-end JavaScript calls directly on websites to detect the IP of a visitors as well as its location. It is listed in the Location category in the ProgrammableWeb API directory.

Addison Lee is a taxi car service based in London. The Addison Lee Quickbook API enables applications and websites to show estimated pickup times, quote prices, and book on-demand or in advance ride services. Find this API in the Transportation category.

Celitech is a cellular data Platform. The Celitech Bee APITrack this API enables developers to add cellular data eSIM to their offerings. The eSIM API provides wireless data services that can be shared digitally (e.g. using activation or QR codes) and programmed by size, start/finish dates, speed, and location to support a wide variety of use cases. This API is listed in the Wireless category.

Carbon Interface APITrack this API provides estimates about C02 emissions from activities. Users provide details about the activity and the API uses the most accurate estimation methodologies to compute the amount of C02 emitted from doing the activity. Emissions data can be returned for electricity, airplane flights, product manufacturing, shipping, and other specific activities. The Carbon Interface API is listed in the Climate category.

Waitlist APITrack this API enables developers to add users and their email addresses onto a waiting list. It will provide a user with information about where they are in line ("You're 3 in a line of 10"). The service includes a "jump ahead in line" feature for users that provide referrals, and stats for viewing Waitlist attendees. Add Waitlist to your website or application with 5 lines of code. The API is listed in the Engagement category.

Add waitlist functions to apps with Waitlist API

Screenshot: Waitlist

Nacos is a platform for managing, discovering and configuring microservices. The Nacos APITrack this API is used to manage configurations, register instances, query instance details, and update instances. Nacos provides real-time health checks to prevent services from sending requests to unwanted service instances. The Nacos API is listed in the Microservices category.

Unofficial Zoopla APITrack this API enalbes users to query for sale/rent properties in UK, estimate house prices in UK, as per the Zoopla.com website. It is not officially associated with Zoopla Ltd. This API is listed under Real Estate.

Friendbuy offers a referral platform that supports referral funnel data, templates and conversion data. The Friendbuy APITrack this API is used to access shares, conversions and referral codes. Find this API under Referrals.

Cotter provides one-tap passwordless login for websites and applications. The Cotter User APITrack this API enables developers to add users to the service, and retrieve user (or list of users) identifier, such as phone number or email address. The service authenticates users based on ownership of a device, and allows instant login using a magic link or a verification code sent via email, SMS, or WhatsApp. This API is listed in the Authentication category.

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