Daily API RoundUp: Mapsense, BBC, GoSquared Node.js SDK

Every day, the ProgrammableWeb team is busy, updating its three primary directories for APIs, clients (language-specific libraries or SDKs for consuming or providing APIs), and source code samples. If you have new APIs, clients, or Source Code examples to add to ProgrammableWeb’s directories, we offer forms (APIs, Clients, Source Code) for submitting them to our API research team. If there’s a listing in one of our directories that you’d like to claim as the owner, please contact us at editor@programmableweb.com.

We’ve added 6 APIs to the ProgrammableWeb directory today in Mapping, Networking, Currency, and SaaS categories, among others. Also added were SDKs for the GoSquared website analytics Platform.


Mapsense allows developers to create fully interactive, data-driven maps using rich vector map data with tools to visualize location data. The Mapsense API allows developers to insert vector maps into their websites. The service is based on the Polymaps API and uses D3 for drawing and selection.

Mapsense vector data map demo
image: Mapsense Demographics vector tiles with ACS data baked in.
Screenshot from this video posted on Twitter by Mapsense

We’ve primarily categorized the Mapsense API under the Mapping category. See ProgrammableWeb’s complete list of Mapping APIs.

Global Caché creates WiFi and IP-enabled products designed to connect formerly unconnected devices to networks. The Global Caché API provides developers with a standard interface for controlling and monitoring units and devices. This API is listed under the Networking category. See ProgrammableWeb’s complete list of Networking APIs.

The Gerrit Code review is a code review tool. The Gerrit system provides a staging area for changes to be checked over before they become part of the code base. The CyanogenMod API is a REST API for the Gerrit Code Review. Developers will find it useful for building upon automated tools. It can also be helpful in supporting some ad-hoc scripting situations. We’ve primarily categorized the Gerrit Code API under the Tools category. See ProgrammableWeb’s complete list of Tools APIs.

currencylayer forex data powers currency converters, mobile apps, and back-office systems. The currencylayer REST API provides developers with real-time and historical exchange rates for 168 world currencies and precious metals. We’ve primarily categorized the currencylayer API under the Currency category. See ProgrammableWeb’s complete list of Currency APIs.

Replicated is an enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider that allows companies to enable SaaS behind firewalls. The Replicated Backup REST API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Replicated with other applications. This API is listed under the Software-as-a-Service category. See ProgrammableWeb’s complete list of Software-as-a-Service APIs.

The BBC Nitro API provides access to the entire BBC catalog. Data provided includes program information, images, scheduling, listings, contributors, and details on which programs are available to play on the BBC iPlayer and iPlayer Radio. The BBC Nitro API is listed under the Media category. See ProgrammableWeb’s complete list of Media APIs.


GoSquared provides website, mobile application, and desktop user and customer analytics through a customizable dashboard. GoSquared's RESTful API enables developers to build applications and projects on top of the GoSquared platform. Functions include the ability to aggregrate stats, track campaign performance, gather user social data, measure user engagement, view notifications, and more. Four SDKs for use with the API have been added to the directory. SDKs provided by GoSquared include: GoSquared Ruby SDK, GoSquared Node.js SDK, and GoSquared PHP SDK. Also added: GoSquared PHP SDK, provided by Joseph Bielawski.

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