Daily API RoundUp: Mattermost, Breaking Bad, Code42, Quire, Fidel

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Seventeen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Payments, Security, and TV. Highlights include an API that returns data about the Breaking Bad TV show, and an API for Mattermost team messaging Platform. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Code42 prevents data loss, protects data during layoffs, mergers & acquisitions, and prevents insider threats. The Code42 APITrack this API returns reports and enable users to perform actions and integrate with other systems to protect the trade secrets of software companies. The API is filed under Security.

Code42 API

Screenshot: Code42

Quire.io is a collaborative software platform for projects. The Quire REST APITrack this API enables users to programmatically interact with Quire's broad set of project management operations and resources. It enables interaction with services for boards, comments, organizations, partners and more. A Quire Webhooks APITrack this API is also available to provide event notifications. The Quire APIs are listed under the Project Management category.

Poems One API can return a poem of the day, random poem, plus search poems based on author, tag, keyword etc., and private poem collection. It is a complete poem platform via REST API, and it is listed in the Reference category.

Enplug is a digital signage service capable of displaying live visual content for customers, and employees. This service can be utilized to display social media walls with customized updates, news, performance statistics, employee achievements, videos for promotions, training, and product information. Enplug offers annual and monthly payment plans. This indirect APITrack this API is accessible through Several SDKs.

Integrate apps with a digital signage platform via Enplug SDK

Integrate apps with a digital signage platform via Enplug SDKs. Image: Enplug

Coinpush provides a free API that's easy to get started with. The Coinpush APITrack this API enables users to accept cryptocurrency payments. It enables the Integration of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin payments into business or web applications. It is listed under Cryptocurrency.

OtNet.tv is an OTT streaming media service, targeted to creators and developers. The OtNet.tv APITrack this API enables developers to build a custom TV streaming service. The API provides methods for managing channels, persons, feeds, media players, taxonomies, feeds and more. The OtNet.tv API is listed under the Video category.

Batzo provides green comparison shopping services. Batzo Barcode Lookup APITrack this API gives users programmatic access to barcode data and product information. Developers can make an API call by sending a barcode or a search term. The API returns the product's name, brand, description, pricing and more. It is filed under Barcodes.

Fidel provides one API for linking bank cards to applications. The Fidel APITrack this API retrieves global payment data in real-time. With the API, developers can implement International cards, offers, locations, and transactions into applications. The API is listed under Payments.

Mattermost is a Slack-like enterprise messaging platform designed to meet high standards of privacy and security. The Mattermost APITrack this API allows Mattermost clients and third-party applications to interact with the Mattermost server in a RESTful manner. The API provides methods for creating, getting, and interacting with users, teams, channels, posts, files, user preferences, user statuses, emojis, and more. The API is listed under the Messaging category.

Mattermost provides tools for DevOps teams to collaborate

Mattermost provides tools for DevOps teams to collaborate. Image: Mattermost

Fun Generators supports access to a full set of generators to integrate into your workflow, website or application. The Fun Generators Taunt APITrack this API enables developers to integrate random taunts on different categories into applications. The API is filed under Humor.

Metasploit is an open source penetration testing Framework from Rapid7. The Metasploit RPC APITrack this API enables users to programmatically manage Metasploit Framework and commercial products. This includes services to locally or remotely execute Metasploit commands, perform basic tasks such as running modules, communicating with the database, interacting with sessions, exporting data, and more. The API is filed under Security.

The Breaking Bad APITrack this API allows you to make HTTP requests to access data for the iconic TV-series Breaking Bad. It provides a way to retrieve information from all characters, an array of 10 characters, to accept all quotes from a specific author and more. This API is provided by an independent developer and is not officially associated with AMC/Breaking Bad. It is listed in the TV category.


Samba TV provides technologies designed to improve the viewing experience, enable content discovery, and address audience fragmentation across screens. The Samba TV Recommendations APITrack this API enables content suggestions in applications. This platform supports performance analysis, internal insights, and attribution measurement. Developers must register to access API and Documentation. The API is also listed under TV.

Vatstack APITrack this API enables developers to geolocate customers' VAT (value added tax) rates. Also, the API can be used to validate VAT numbers. Responses contain company information from the European Commission, and includes a consultation number as evidence for validation. Vatstack features REST architecture and is listed under Taxes.

TranSafe is a modern payment gateway service provided by Monetra Technologies. With the TranSafe APITrack this API, developers can implement transactions, card authorization, purchases, refunds, customer details, merchant configuration, recurring payments, and account vaults. This API is listed under Transactions.

ONE INC provides payment services for insurance companies. The ONE INC APITrack this API provides access to data about insurance services such as premium services, security and compliance, digital engagement, reporting, and ClaimsPay®. Methods are available for credit card data, transactions, and ETF.

The Online Compiler APITrack this API enables program execution in 72 languages. The API can be integrated with computer education applications. Additionally, this API can be used in online interview assessment systems. The Online Compiler API features REST architecture and JSON responses, and is listed in the Backend-as-a-Service category.

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