Daily API RoundUp: MeasureOne, Itential, Medici Bank, Data Drum

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Fifteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Natural Language Processing, Bots, and Security. Highlights include an API for adding subtitles to video and an API for web crawler management. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


MeasureOne provides an academic data API and data Integration services for developers. The MeasureOne APITrack this API provides developers with access to retrieve academic transcripts, extract transcript data and standardization, and retrieve data analytics and metrics. Users can also get MeritScores based on user-reported data. The MeritScore is a MeasureOne analytic that correlates credit performance to academic data. A Webhooks APITrack this API is also available for event notifications about MeasureOne data. MeasureOne APIs are listed under the Education category.

Itential provides automation services for physical, virtual and Cloud networks. This Itential APITrack this API allows users integrate with Intential network automation Platform to build, test, validate and deploy TemplateIDE, JSONtoSchema ( JSON Schema inference tool), Config Validator and Policy Analyzer services. TemplateIDE is an interactive templating environment for automating network operations. This API is listed in the Networking category of ProgrammableWeb.

Itential API

Screenshot: Itential

Grocerybear is a brokerage for market intelligence that provides data to programmatically implement trading, risk, and supply chain models. The Grocerybear APITrack this API allows you to query the Grocerybear database of grocery prices from selected cities for products like eggs, milk and bread. The API is filed under Grocery.

Medici Bank is a cryptocurrency friendly online banking service. The Medici Bank APITrack this API allows clients to create and manage customers, accounts, balances, view transactions, transfer between Medici accounts, transfer assets, get notificiations about banking account events. The API is listed in the Banking catgory and delivers JSON responses for all calls.

GoTranscript APITrack this API can add transcription, translation, captioning, and subtitling features to applications. With the API, developers can implement languages, comments, turnaround times, number of speakers, and transcription file formats into applications. The API is filed in the Transcription category.

Viettel provides Artificial Intelligence backed speech services for businesses in Vietnam. The Viettel AI Text to Speech ( TTS ) APITrack this API enables applications to convert text to Vietnamese audio. The Viettel AI REST SpeechTrack this API to Text API converts Vietnamese language speech into written text. The Viettel APIs are listed under the Natural Language Processing category.

Robot Text as a Service APITrack this API enables developers to keeps track of rules for web crawlers or SEO tools on different websites. Developers can use GET or POST requests to check resources to see whether they can be crawled using a given user agent. The alpha release of this API is being offered for free. It is listed in the Bots category.

ruCaptcha APITrack this API provides automated image recognition services for solving captcha and converting human-readable images to text. Captchas and image-to-text tasks are handled by real people. End users send an image to ruCaptcha, receive a unique ID for their task, run a loop that checks whether the task is complete, and then receive the recognition result from the server. API Documentation is provided in Russian. This API is filed in the Captcha category.

Hybrid Analysis is a free malware analysis that detects unknown threats powered by CrowdStrike. The Hybrid Analysis Falcon APITrack this API returns URL file submission, data report, and query searches about malware in JSON and XML formats. It is listed under Security.

Data Drum provides data automation and organization services at the intersection of data science, journalism and finance. The Data Drum APITrack this API enables clean, automated macroeconomic, and social data. The API supports live and historical figures with visualizations. Returned data can be JSON, CSV, XML, and XLSX formatted. The Data Drum API is listed under the Data category.

Get live and historical data in visualizations with Data Drum

Get live and historical data in visualizations with Data Drum. Image: Data Drum

Resello provides IT solutions for resellers. The Resello APITrack this API returns data regarding cloud services for resellers. Developers can implement customers, contacts, domains, labels, orders, and OX users into a business application. It also enables partnerships with Microsoft CSP cloud solutions. The Resello API is listed under the Cloud category.

The Predictive Index offers scientific behavioral assessments, software tools, and management training designed to help employees maximize their productivity. The Predictive Index APITrack this API enables management tools in applications. The API supports access to analytics, assessments, health information, jobs, languages, and positions. This API is listed in the Human Resources category.

SmartPayables provides outsource payment processing, check writing, document printing & mailing services. The SmartPayables APITrack this API integrates back-office systems with bank accounts, documents, payments, and accounts data. Developers can use HTTP POSTS requests to receive JSON and XML responses in return. The API is listed under Payments.

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