Daily API RoundUp: Mercedes-Benz, Applied Recognition, Figure Eight, DroneMapper

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Fourteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Backup, Mapping, Auto, and Recognition. Highlights include the Trend Micro Smart Check API for enterprise security, and the Figure Eight API for Machine Learning data annotations. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Trend Micro is an enterprise cybersecurity solutions provider. The Trend Micro Smart Check APITrack this API enables the automation of operational tasks associated with security services. The API can be used to configure policies and protect computers, discover vulnerabilities and patch them, and perform routine maintenance tasks. This API is filed under the Security category.

Duo Security provides trusted access services . The Duo Auth APITrack this API is in REST architecure and adds two-factor Authentication to websites, applications, and SaaS. With the API, developers receive pre-authentication, authentication, and authentication status. Duo is now a part of Cisco. The Duo Auth API is listed under the Authentication category.

DroneMapper provides drone mapping and orthomosaic imagery services. The DroneMapper APITrack this API provides photogrammetric processing of aerial images. The API can be utilized to generate georeferenced digital elevation models, orthomosaic maps and point clouds with or without Ground Control Points (GCP). The DroneMapper API is listed under the Mapping category.

DroneMapper API

Screenshot: DroneMapper

SignalVine is an AI-powered messaging Platform for higher education institutions. The SignalVine APITrack this API enables messaging features for all aspects of academic cycles, such as college access, admissions, financial aid, retention, alumni engagement, and workforce development. Methods are available for participant, program, and message retrieval. The API is listed in the Messaging category.

Appwrite is an open source backend server. Appwrite speeds up the application development process by providing database, storage, localization, and security products. The Appwrite Webhooks APITrack this API provides real-time communications when certain events are triggered. It is listed in the Backend category.

Comet is white-label backup software for service providers. The Comet Backup APITrack this API assists with backup for service providers including management of files, folders, emails, calendars, and databases. The Comet API is listed under the Backup category.

Figure Eight platform aims to provide high quality training data for machine learning models. The Figure Eight APITrack this API enables users to post and retrieve data from the data annotation platform. Developers can display text, image, video, and audio in annotated data forms. The API is listed in the Annotations category.

Figure Eight API

Screenshot: Figure Eight

Paychex provides payroll services.The Paychex APITrack this API returns payroll data for human resources managers. Information returned includes companies, locations, jobs, workers, assignments, and pay periods. The API is listed under Human Resources.

Flussonic enables video streaming designed for IPTV, OTT, cloud services, and protected in-house video surveillance systems. The Flussonic DVR APITrack this API can be utilized to access recorded stream data and to manage existing recordings. The API offers installable REST capabilities with JSON-formatted responses, and Token-based authentication for end users. The Flussonic API is listed under the Video category.

Applied Recognition enables facial recognition in applications for companies looking to upgrade to biometrics support. Applied Recognition Ver-ID supports low-friction face registration, authentication, and face-based document signatures. The Applied Recognition APITrack this API provides indirect access to several SDKs for easy Integration. The API is listed under the Recognition category.

We recently updated our Auto category with some APIs and SDKs from Mercedes Benz. These include:

The iOS and Android Mercedes-Benz Mobile Me SDKs, which encapsulate customer data and vehicle functions needed to develop mobile applications for Mercedes-Benz cars. In addition, the SDKs provide basic functions like registration, password-less login, vehicle assignment and service activation for all SDK app developers and thus helps them to concentrate on the main purpose and business value of the app.

Mercedes-Benz Vehicle Lock Status APITrack this API, which allows users to develop applications for unlocking and locking a connected Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes-Benz Fuel Status APITrack this API, which allows users to develop services and applications based on the fuel level and remaining distance of Daimler vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz Pay As You Drive Insurance APITrack this API, which allows users to get information about the odometer of a connected vehicle for mileage-based insurance services.

Mercedes-Benz Vehicle Status APITrack this API enables users to allows to remotely access status information of some vehicle parts from a connected Mercedes-Benz vehicle. This data can be integrated to identify security and damage issues.


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