Daily API RoundUp: Missive, NanoNets, Kwik, PlayNetwork, UniCourt

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Fourteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Email, Compliance, and Machine Learning. Highlights include an API for retrieving legal data from the U.S. court system and an API for Kwik delivery services in West Africa. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


UniCourt provides access to court records and legal analytics. The UniCourt Legal Data APITrack this API enables users to search through millions of Court cases from U.S. State and Federal Courts, access structured legal data of cases, update cases real-time from the court, order court documents and much more. Methods are available for accessing case details including attorneys, dockets, docket download, updating cases, tracking cases, and more. The UniCourt Webhooks API enables users to receive notifications concerning events in the UniCourt legal data service. UniCourt APIs are filed under the Law category.

Missive is an application for team communication that covers all inboxes including Gmail, Twitter, Twilio, Facebook and others. The Missive APITrack this API integrates chat features into existing email services. With the API, developers can integrate threaded chats from an inbox, allowing users to participate in conversations and complete projects. The Missive Webhooks APITrack this API provides notifications from the Missive conversation service about events regarding emails, SMS messages and more. Both APIs are listed under Email.

Missive is one application for all your team's inboxes

Missive is one application for all your team's inboxes. Screenshot: Missive

ipTwist is an IP geolocation service. With the ipTwist APITrack this API, developers can build logic to identify website visitors, e-commerce customers, and countless other identification via IP address. Determining identity from an IP address helps reduce risk in web applications. This API is listed under the Location category.

Totango is a provider of customer retention software. The Totango Search APITrack this API enables developers to query account information from Totango. With the API, developers can query data for criteria (such as "all paying customers who were active in the last 90 days") and more. It is listed in the Customer Service category.

Nanonets enables users to build, train and deploy machine learning models on the cloud. The Nanonets OCR APITrack this API allows users to extract text from any document. It also provides a way to build a custom deep learning based OCR model and get a response in JSON format. The NanoNets Image Classification APITrack this API enables users to to classify different objects that are integrated into an application, as well as build a custom classification model for classifying images. Both APIs are listed under the Machine Learning category.

iAbstract provides Automation for the Title Industry, including access to a directory of United States county offices. Patriot / OFAC Search APITrack this API uses fuzzy search algorithms to determine if a name is a likely match on the OFAC SDN or non-SDN (consolidated) lists. The iAbstract Patriot Search Service is based on the US Office of Foreign Assets Control, Specially Designated Nationals list. (OFAC SDN). The API is listed in the Compliance category.

Kwik is an on-demand, last-mile bike delivery service that is focused on larger West African cities. The KWIK Platform exposes its service to third parties via an APITrack this API for urban, last-mile shipments. The API provides a way to pick and deliver tasks, return a task, get the added cards of a customer, and calculate pricing and more. It is listed in the Shipping category.

Kwik parcel delivery service provides an API for third party integration

Kwik parcel delivery service provides an API for third party Integration. Screenshot: Kwik - Africa Delivery Technologies

PlayNetwork provides services for custom music, content and digital platforms for brands. The company has provides some APIs for service integration, and we have listed them in the Music category.

PlayNetwork Content Automation API provides programmatic access to PlayNetwork audio assets and services. With the API users can upload, retrieve, transcode, and search songs by bitrate, channels and format, plus other track information.

PlayNetwork Playback API provides a way to access reports for playback information when a client starts playing a track such as time stamp (what time track starts and ends), artist, title, track identifier, device/player/software, music licensing and more.

PlayNetwork CURIO Music API enables developers to provide customers with content and behavioral data.

PlayNetwork CURIO Music Key API enables developers to generate an Authentication token for use in all subsequent PlayNetwork API requests.

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