Daily API RoundUp: Misty Robotics, PSA Insurance, Cherre, Tollsmart, Logoraisr

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Fourteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Financial, Transportation, and Satellites. Highlights include an API for managing Google Ad inventory, an API for managing Misty Robotics robot tasks, and an API for bespoke insurance from PSA Insurance solutions. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Google Ad Manager APITrack this API allows developers to build applications that use Google Ad Manager, a comprehensive ad-serving Platform that streamlines ad management. API methods are available for managing inventory, creating orders, pulling reports, and more. It is listed in ProgammableWeb's Advertising category.

Tollsmart is a free toll calculator. The Tollsmart APITrack this API calculates the cost of upcoming trips n the USA and Canada. It aims to be useful for rideshare and limo services, shipping and freight transportation, and government. The information returned is based on an origin and a destination pair or an array of tracked locations along a route, such as those transmitted from a smartphone or other GPS enabled device. The API is listed in Transportation.

Nordigen provides global financial account data analytics. The Nordigen APITrack this API allows users to integrate a transaction categorization engine and financial insight products into systems. Data includes transactions, personal data, Simple Score (probability of a default on a loan), income, loans, risk, and more. The Nordigen API is filed in the Financial category.

Misty Robotics provides home and office robots that can perform a variety of helpful tasks. The Misty Robotics APITrack this API enables developers to send commands to Misty robots using RESTful HTTP methods. The API supports handling movement, navigation, expressions, and skill management. The API is listed under the Robots category.

Misty robots feature neural processing capabilities for object detection, and autonomous tasks support

Misty robots feature neural processing capabilities for object detection, and autonomous tasks support. Screenshot: Misty Robotics

Embed.rocks APITrack this API enables developers to retrieve content from any site and embed information cards into applications. Cards have different formats (and sizes), and can be used to display video content as well. The API is used to connect the desired webpage to Embed.rocks, and generate cards. it's listed in the Content category.

PAY.JP combines several payment methods in one platform including their proprietary PayID, Apple Pay, and card-based methods such as VISA, AMEX, and Discover. The PAY.JP APITrack this API provides methods that improve eCommerce capabilities including customer data, transfers, events, products, and accounts. The PAY.JP API is filed under Payments.

PSA Insurance Solutions is a bespoke digital insurance-as-a-service provider that enables users to earn more revenue from their website. The PSA Insurance Solutions APITrack this API allows e-commerce business operators to easily integrate complementary insurance for their products into their online ordering platform. The API is listed in the Insurance category.

Logoraisr is an AI-based graphic design service. The Logoraisr APITrack this API uses Machine Learning and deep learning algorithms to get graphic design tasks that could increase the image resolution of logos or convert them to vectors. The API is listed in the Graphics category.

Logoraisr API

Screenshot: Logoraisr

Vay Technologies, a data tools provider, offers the CUSIP Lookup API to retrieve information about United States securities. The CUSIP Lookup APITrack this API returns the ticker symbol and security name in JSON format. This platform currently contains all United States Section 13(f) Securities. It is filed un Financial.

Cherre provides real estate data tools. The Cherre CoreConnect API is a GraphQL interface enables developers to identify, map and index any real estate data using the company's machine learning platform. Cherre CoreConnect supports spatial data classification and identification, tagging, and cardinal object mapping. This API is listed in Real Estate.

r2cloud enables users to decode satellite signals on Raspberry Pi. r2server allows developers to configure and install a base station, know how to build antennas, and get satellites telemetry in JSON format. The r2server API retrieves satellite data from r2cloud with telemetry, manages observations, and manages metrics from base stations. The API is filed under Satellites.

CCstack provides several specialized modules including earnings, rewards, bonus offers, and banks. The CCstack APITrack this API returns bank data and credit card details, with more than 2500 credit cards and 600 banks covered. he API enables developers to search for specific information and retrieve it in JSON or XML format. It is listed in the Credit Cards category.

Fmp Cloud offers free stock data. The Fmp Cloud APITrack this API enables access to stock prices, financial statements, and cryptocurrency prices. It offers developers 500 monthly requests for statistics, key metrics, ratios, and historical prices. It is also listed under Financial.

Macrostrat is a collaborative platform for geological data exploration and Integration supported by The U.S. National Science Foundation. Information in the Macrostrat database is freely available via Macrostrat APITrack this API, which retrieves data for analysis or application creation. Users can retrieve mapping and route information for paleogeography and fossils, and data about the database itself. The API is listed in the Geology category.

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