Daily API RoundUp: Motion Shadow, Bluesoft, Sierra Wireless, Plus microBees, Ziggeo, Slack SDKs

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Six APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories such as Internet of Things, Motion, and Transportation. Also recently added are several SDKs for the Slack Platform, microBees IoT platform and Ziggeo video platform. Here, we summarize the new additions and how they can assist developers.


Motion Shadow API allows programmatic access of embedded sensors in wearable flexible fabric that is used to digitally capture motion. Documentation is provided for motion interface, Wi-fi connection, and working with a 3d viewer that displays graphics in real-time.

Motion Shadow full body motion capture demonstration YouTube/Motion Shadow

We've categorized this API under the Motion category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Motion APIs.

Tricentis Tosca Testsuite API allows developers to integrate an end-to-end testing suite into their tools and apps. The Tosca Testsuite provides methods for designing, generating, and provisioning test data as well as automating test cases. This API is provided by Tricentis. This API is listed under the Testing category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Testing APIs.

Sierra Wireless provides innovative connectivity options for the Internet of Things. Sierra Wireless AirVantage API allows developers to integrate wireless IoT projects data into mobile applications. Protocols include CSV, JSON, RSS, and XML. This API is filed under the Internet of Things category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Internet of Things APIs.

Bluesoft RESTful API offers real time cloud based data and customer support for Cosmos' BlueSoft products. Bluesoft is an ERP service with functions to manage sales, inventory, contracts, products, collect information on competitors, and contact suppliers and banks. We've categorized the Bluesoft API under the ERP category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of ERP APIs.

Amadeus provides technology services for the travel industry. Today, two APIs provided by Amadeus to aid developers with Transportation application creation are featured.

Amadeus Car Rental Geosearch API lets developers allow application users to find out the price and type of car, for all car rental providers, in a specified geographical location.

Amadeus Car Rental Airport Search API enables users to find out the price and type of car, for all car rental providers, near a specified airport. Several more Amadeus APIs for developers of travel applications can be found on ProgrammableWeb.

Frameworks, Libraries, and SDKs

Slack brings together all of a team's messages, files, and posts from Twitter, Dropbox, Trello, Google Docs, GitHub, and other services in one place. Slack comes with an API that allows users to integrate it with other third-party applications, and a Real Time Messaging (RTM) API for embedding real time chat functionality within clients. We've recently added three SDKs for develper use with the Slack platform.

SlackAPI .Net SDK by Inumedia is a .Net implementation of and SDK for the Slack team communication platform API.

Slack MargieBot .Net SDK by Jammerware is a .Net Library for use in making building bots with the Slack API.

Slack RTM C++ SDK by GitHub user daniel1111 is a C++ library for the Slack Real Time Messaging API.

The microBees API is an IoT platform which exchanges information with microBees' products for home automation. This is done without the need of changing electrical wiring and features power consumption measure, and thermostat functions. Several SDKs for use with the microBees API have been added to the directory. They are are all provided by microBees and include Java SDK, Node.js SDK, PHP SDK, Android SDK, iOS SDK, and JavaScript SDK

microBees demonstration / YouTube/microBees Technology Ltd

Ziggeo provides video recording/playback technology plus APIs to capture, curate and manage user-generated and professional videos. The Ziggeo C# SDK is used to integrate a video platform to existing C# applications. It depends on Newtonsoft.Json. Ziggeo PHP SDK is used to integrate a video platform to existing PHP applications. It requires PHP 5.3.0+.

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