Daily API RoundUp: Mozilla Web Thing, BNP Paribas, BlockCypher, SpeedyBooker

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Eighteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Internet of Things, Travel and Blockchain. Highlights include the Mozilla Web Thing API and the BNP Paribas open banking project API. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


BNP Paribas is a large global banking group. The company recently announced the release of a Developer Portal complete with PSD2 compliant APIs for creating banking applications. The BNP Paribas Open Bank Project API provides a RESTful interface for developers to build customer facing applications without needing to code for each bank and/or account type differently. API methods are available to configure, create an ATM, get a firehose Account, create a bank and more. This API is listed under the Banking category.

Dragonchain offers "Blockchain-as-a-Service" for serverless, scalable deployment on Amazon AWS, and smart contract development for different programming languages. Dragonchain API provides simple RESTful Integration for enterprise applications with blockchain-based protection of data and operations, currency agnosticism, and multi-currency support. The Dragonchain API is listed under the Blockchain category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Blockchain APIs.

Dragonchain API

Screenshot: Dragonchain

Mozilla offers a Web of Things Platform to extend the web of pages into a "web of things" by giving connected devices URLs on the World Wide Web. The RESTful Web Thing API allows applications to access the properties of devices, execute actions, and access a list of change of state events. This tech will allow the web to be used as a unifying application layer for a Decentralized Internet of Things. The Mozilla Web of Things Websocket API is also available to access notifications of events in real-time. The Mozilla Web of Things platform is an open source implementation of W3C Web of Things standards. Both APIs are listed in the Internet of Things category.

Hunter provides email addresss discovery services. The Hunter API provides a way to find and verify professional email addresses using one given domain name, email of a person using his/her first name, last name and a domain name, the deliverability of a given email address etc. This RESTful API enables users with CRUD opersations to list, retrieve, create leads, find emails, search domains. The Hunter API is listed under the Email category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Email APIs.

1Pilot is a website management service with dashboard integration. The service features monitoring, email support, package update tracking, and alerts. The 1Pilot API is a REST interface that allows the listing of logs, sites, and tags. It is filed in the Web Site Management category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Web Site Management APIs.

1Pilot API allows users to watch over multiple websites

1Pilot API allows users to watch over multiple websites. Image: 1Pilot

Count.xyz provides numeric counting services. The Count API allows users to create simple counters. Use it to create a custom counter, reset counters, implement page views and statistics into applications, etc. Consider it an IaaS, or Integer-as-a-Service. Developers will receive JSONP in return when they make requests that support CORS and SSL. The Count API is listed under the Math category.

Idaho Fish and Game Hunter Reports API returns reports for a subset of data about hunts, weapons, harvest, season, games, ornaments, and more in JSON format. The data is provided by the State of Idaho Fish and Game department, and is listed under the Recreation category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Recreation APIs.

Pocket Network provides a decentralized infrastructure for building peer-to-peer applications. The Pocket Network API offers a trustless interface for easy blockchain access. This interface is used to retrieve node lists, group contracts, and contract lists. Data is returned in JSON format. The API focuses on AION and Ethereum networks. The Pocket Network API is also listed under the Blockchain category.

BlockCypher provides infrastructure and support services to build applications and web services for blockchain applications. The BlockCypher Address Forwarding API allows users to utilize online commerce to accept, consolidate and manage payments securely. It provides a way to generate payment-specific addresses to make automatic transfers and more. The BlockCypher WebHooks API enables notifications for transactions. BlockCypher APIs are also listed under the BlockCypher category.

kanjiapi.dev is an API for Kanji, which are adopted Chinese characters that are used in Japanese written language. The kanjiapi provides JSON responses containing over 13,000 Kanji from an extensive dictionary. The API uses EDICT and KANJIDIC dictionary files which are property of the Electronic Dictionary Research and Development Group. The kanjiapi.dev API is listed under the Japanese category.

OpenTravel Alliance provides digital services for the travel industry, including a standard for developers to download OpenTravel publications, download publication artifacts, submit comments on specifications and more. The OpenTravel specification API allows developers to build software systems that are interoperable with other travel systems. This API is listed under the Travel category.

SpeedyBooker offers services for travel bookings for places to stay in 18 countries, including hostels, Hotels, B&Bs, apartments and university residences. The company offers travel affiliate partnerships, as well as APIs to retrieve SpeedyBooker booking data for partner applications and websites. These APIs are also added to the Travel category, and listed below.

SpeedyBooker Location List API retrieves a list of all the locations in the SpeedyBooker system.

SpeedyBooker Rates API provides a way to add hostel rates and booking info into applications. The API is apart of an Affiliate Partner program that adheres to Open Travel Alliance standards and is used to retrieve up-to-date availability and rates for room based on dates and vendors selected.

SpeedyBooker Vendor Details API can retrieve available information for an individual vendor, such as summary, location, photos, room details, customer comments, ratings and more.

SpeedyBooker Vendor List API retrieves a list of all the vendors that are "Live" in your partner account.

SpeedyBooker Submit Booking API is used to submit a booking once the customer has selected a room on a website.

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