Daily API RoundUp: MTN MoMo, Amazon Polly, Monetizr, TomTom, Golfbert

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Fifteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Text-to-Speech, Passwords, and Travel. Highlights include APIs from TomTom for electronic vehicles and an API for displaying detailed golf course maps in applications. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


TomTom recently introduced two new APIs in response to the growth in the electronic vehicle (EV) market. The TomTom Extended Routing APITrack this API can calculate a route containing EV charging stops between a given origin and destination. Developers can set the minimum battery level at the destination and the minimum battery level at each of the intermediate charging stops. TomTom Extended Search APITrack this API provides EV charging station availability information including the number of charging spots that are available, occupied, reserved, of unknown availability, or out of service. Both APIs are listed in the Auto category.

RBoy Apps Lock Manager enables the control of smart locks. The Lock Manager APITrack this API can be utilized to create users, manage users, retrieve user configurations, list lock names and status, list mode names, and control locks. This API features REST architecture, and JSON responses, and is listed in the Internet of Things category.

Optimove is a marketing hub with an actionable customer data Platform at its core. The Optimove APITrack this API can be utilized to Fetch data updates, customer information, and perform segment-related functions. Responses are JSON formatted, and the API is listed in the Marketing category.

Monetizr is a reward service that allows application users to buy game merchandise such as hats, t-shirts, figurines, decals as well as gift cards and brand-sponsored rewards. The Monetizr APITrack this API allows developers to integrate the ability for users to buy physical merchandise into their games. This API doesn't handle any GDPR-compliant data, and all exposed data is public. Monetizr handles all of the reward creation and fulfillment. The Monetizr API is listed under the Rewards category.

Monetizr API for rewarding users

Screenshot: Monetizr

XposedOrNot provides over 850 million passwords collected from real time data breaches. Passwords can be searched anonymously through K-Anonymity model. Developers can use the XposedOrNot APITrack this API to safeguard websites or applications from poor and exposed passwords for their respective authentications. The API is listed in the Passwords category.

Your Travel Route is an APITrack this API for Travel Itinerary and Route Generation. Users can input the duration, the start, and end city of a trip, and get great travel routes returned. Generate travel routes/itinerary within seconds and customize it by included regions, tags, climate, etc. the route is returned as a JSON array of destinations with city name, coordinates and recommended duration. This API is listed in the Travel category.

Realty Mole scans thousands of rental listings to calculate an estimated rent for any address. The Realty Mole Property APITrack this API can be used to retrieve property details like square footage, year build, bedrooms, bathrooms, and more. This RESTful API supports looking up specific properties or searching for lists of properties based on various criteria. It is listed under Real Estate.

MTN is an emerging market mobile operator across Africa and the Middle East. The MTN Mobile Money API (MTN MoMo)Track this API enables remote, automated collection of bills, fees, and taxes. Other APIs for the MTN MoMo service include MTN Mobile Money Remittance APITrack this API, MTN Mobile Money Disbursements APITrack this API, and MTN Mobile Money Collection APITrack this API. These APIs have been added to our Financial category.

Tiv. AI provides trained AI for reminders. The Reminders and Events NLP APITrack this API can understand natual language for reminders in dates, times, holidays and more. For example, results are returned for "every monday and tuesday", "a week before Christmas" and similar phrases. It is filed in the Natural Language Processing category.

Kommunicate is a customer support platform with human and bot interactions. With the Kommunicate APITrack this API, developers can add several functionalities to their applications including live chat, contact management, bots, and analytics. The Kommunicate API is a REST interface used to update user details, send messages, and assign bots. It is under the Chat category on ProgrammableWeb.

Golfbert offers automated gold stat tracking tools, and geo-plotted course maps. The Golfbert APITrack this API provides golf course information including GPS coordinates, and geo polygons of course fairways and holes. Additionally, the API provides tracking tools such as shot-by-shot stats, and metrics. This API is in the Sports category.

Get polygons for golf greens, fairways, and hazards with Golfbert API

Get polygons for golf greens, fairways, and hazards with Golfbert API. Screenshot: Golfbert

Amazon Polly provides tools required to build speech-enabled applications. The service features deep learning technologies to synthesize human-like voice. The Amazon Polly APITrack this API can be utilized to access voices in a variety of languages. For example, Amazon Polly supports "newscaster" reading style for news narration. We recently added this API to the Text-to-Speech category.

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