Daily API RoundUp: MyRadar, TrueAccord, UK Parliament, NICE inContact

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Sixteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Customer Relationship Management, Coronavirus, and Weather. Highlights include the MyRadar API for nowcasting, an API for detecting human temperatures, and several NICE inContact APIs. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


MyRadar is a radar and weather prediction applitcation. It uses machine-learning algorithms to offer accurate nowcasting data. The MyRadar Weather and Nowcasting APITrack this API offers up-to-the-minute rain prediction. It is also a drop-in replacement for the former Dark Sky API, which was recently acquired by Apple. Interested developers should contact andy@myradar.com for API release information. The API is listed in the Weather category.

MyRadar API

Screenshot: MyRadar

Extenua provides Secure Object Storage (SOS) services. The Extenua Secure Object Storage APITrack this API provides unified and secure ways to use S3, Azure, and Google Cloud Object Storage, with the additional security provided by sharding, scattering, per-slice Encryption, and Blockchain-inspired key/cipher management. The API is listed in the Cloud category on ProgrammableWeb.

TrueAccord, a debt collection Platform, integrates balances, customers, soft-recalls, reports, demographics, payments, and debts. The TrueAccord APITrack this API allows collecting debts of credit card issuers, consumer loans, and real estate users. This API is filed under Collecting.

Manage customers, creditors, debts and payments via this API

Manage customers, creditors, debts and payments via this API. Screenshot: TrueAccord

IdealSpot provides hyperlocal geospatial market insight and geometry data. The IdealSpot GeoData REST APITrack this API allows developers to get data about demographics, housing, spending, labor, business establishments, economy, consumer segmentation, vehicle traffic, polygons, online demand. The API is listed in the Location category.

UK Parliament Members' Names Data Platform API Track this APIprovides programmatic access to information about current and former Members of Parliament and peers sitting in the House of Lords. The API uses RESTful calls and returns data in XML format. It is listed in the Government category.

The Thermoquaesitor Temperature Detector API Track this APIdetects human faces on infrared thermal images and then detects maximum temperature in the eyes zone area according to palette color image scale. This API is listed in the Coronavirus category.

Enable applications to take temperatures and detect COVID-19 with a thermal camera via this API. Image: De Vis Software

Mad Devs Mad Location Manager APITrack this API integrates GPS and accelerometer data into location applications. It features data "fusion" with Kalman filter functions. All code is written in Java. It helps to increase position accuracy and GPS distance calculation on Android devices for the driver's and couriers' apps. And also, it may be used for precise tracking in on-demand services. It is filed under Location.

NICE inContact is a cloud-based customer experience platform that combines omnichannel routing, workforce optimization, analytics, automation, and Artificial Intelligence. We recently added several APIs from Nice inContact into the Customer Relationship Management category.

NICE inContact Patron APITrack this API provides developers with resources for creating patron-facing applications for mobile or web environments. This API can be used to request or schedule a Callback, manage chat sessions, and create work items.

NICE inContact Data Extraction APITrack this API allows developers to extract data from CXone for external reporting purposes. Data can be filtered using a specified date range. The API can only be called once every 30 seconds.

NICE inContact Media Playback APITrack this API allows developers to access CXone recording media. For a given interaction, the API will transfer the interaction's metadata and either the transcript (for chat and emails) or a link to the media file (for voice-only and voice-and-screen).

NICE inContact Authentication APITrack this API allows developers to interact with the system resources required to log in to the NICE inContact platform. API methods are available for changing or resetting an agent's password.

NICE inContact Real-Time Data APITrack this API allows developers to get real-time data from the inContact platform, which can be used to build custom dashboards and control panels. The API can also be used to get information about Agents and Skills.

NICE inContact Reporting APITrack this API allows developers to retrieve various types of calculated data from the NICE inContact platform. Unlike the Real-Time Data API, the Reporting API requires developers to provide a time frame over which metrics will be calculated.

NICE inContact Agent APITrack this API allows developers to create, manage, and end "agent sessions". Developers can use an agent session to set an agent's state and manage interactions such as phone calls, chats, emails, and voice mails.

NICE inContact Admin APITrack this API interacts with system objects in the NICE inContact system. This API can be used to change skill assignments for agents, record or monitor calls, or remotely log off an agent.

NICE inContact CXone APITrack this API allows developers to manage access keys, validate a key, or return a bearer token. Access keys are used for application requests that are not made through a browser. For browser requests, OpenID Connect is used.

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