Daily API RoundUp: MyTelemedicine, ClubHouse, Point API, Aito, Tapkey

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Thirteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Safety. Highlights include an API that determines ideal prices via an algorithm, and an API for physical locks for car sharing services. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Tapkey is an access Platform designed for property management, car sharing, and unattended delivery. Tapkey Management APITrack this API offers a platform to interact with physical locks as well as storing keys for online and offline use. The API enables the control of locks, cards, and users. It uses OAuth 2.0 for Authentication, and is listed in the Security category.

Tapkey provides a mobile access platform with API for integration

Tapkey provides a mobile access platform with API for Integration. Screenshot: Tapkey

Clubhouse is a project management platform designed to support software developers. The Clubhouse APITrack this API is a REST service that provides a way to build custom integrations and automate workflow. It enables users to retrieve categories, create a threaded comment on an epic, return milestones, update story properties and more. The Clubhouse API is listed under the Project Management category.

Modern Pricing uses a scoring algorithm based on disposable income, socioeconomic status, area of residence, time based trends and other factors to determine pricing. The Modern Pricing APITrack this API returns JSON data with dynamic pricing recommendations for potential customers. This API is filed under Prices.

Speedlimit.io APITrack this API finds the speed limit of any road in the UK. Parameters include longitude and latitude. Get JSON responses of speed limits with no authorization required. The API is filed under the Transportation category.

Agentpoint's PropertyHub Real Estate APITrack this API provides real estate data about properties in Australia. Data can be returned from date ranges about residential sales, holiday leases, business sales, new developments, property status, prices, custom fields and many others. (Note: This is the former Zoo Property API) Responses are XML or JSON formats. This API is listed under Real Estate.

MyTelemedicine provides services that allow doctors to treat patients online and by phone. MyTelemedicine APITrack this API enables developers to interact with the MyTelemedine platform. The API leverages AWS and IBM Clouds to provide RESTful, HIPAA compliant implementation in third-party applications. It features methods for medical records management, real-time census management, HIPAA compliant video, plus multi-factor authentication, RBAC, RSA Encryption, and more. Interested developers can contact the provider for API access and Documentation. The API is listed in the Medicine category.

The Tribe is a cloud-based community platform. The Tribe Technologies APITrack this API provides access to branded community platform functions. The API includes methods for managing feeds, groups, users, topics and more. This API is listed in the Community category.

Point API is an intelligent message response system. The Point APITrack this API provides immediate personalized text suggestions. The technology learns how users and colleagues respond to messages and immediately recommends replies. This API is listed in the Artificial Intelligence category.

NYU Public Safety System APITrack this API returns public safety data for New York Universtiy students, employees, alumni and affiliates in JSON format. Developers can authenticate with OAuth2 to access health checks, public safety info, and affiliations. It is listed in the Safety category.

Aito is a predictive database for developers . The Aito.ai APITrack this API enables developers to manage uploads and operations in the database. It provides JSON formats and developers can authenticate with an API Key. Aito aims to replace the current machine learning tools that have a steep learning curve and generate single-purpose models. The Aito API is listed under the Machine Learning category.

Aito API

Screenshot: Aito.ai

SaltEdge is a financial technology solution company. The SaltEdge API enables users to create applications for banking, online payment systems, transactions, and currency rates by CURL requesting financial information from various providers. The API is listed in the Financial category.

Contract.fit provides business process services. The Contract.fit APITrack this API is your one-stop shop to help you with all your intelligent automation needs. This fast, accurate and flexible API is for extraction, classification and validation of content from documents, emails, etc. The API provides methods for documents, files, projects, settings, users, roles, inboxes and more. It is filed under Automation.

Inventory of Composable Elements (ICE) APITrack this API is a REST interface designed as a registry for synthetic biological parts with support for microbial strains, plasmids, Arabidopsis seeds and generic parts. The API uses JSON for requests and responses, and API Key authentication, and is listed in the Science category.

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