Daily API RoundUp: Netlify, Avis Budget Group, Webflow, CoinDaddy

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Eighteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Security, Web Site Management, and Sports. Highlights include an API for Netlify static website services, and an API for Joinesty enterprise security services. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Avis Budget Group operates mobile solutions for Avis, Budget and Zipcar. The Avis Rental Car Suite APITrack this API allows developers to access rental car product catalogs, reservations, and locations offered by Avis, Budget, and Zipcar. The API enables request flows for car renting on behalf of users. This API is listed under the Auto category.

Netlify provides hosting and serverless backend services for static websites. The Netlify APITrack this API enables website development tools. This Platform-as-a-Service supports free personal blogs, and complex enterprise solutions. The API delivers Continuous Deployment, analytics, access to accounts, access to files, and more. This API is listed in the Web Site Management category.

LRS provides paging technology and systems for restaurants, education, healthcare, hospital, retail and other industries. The service provides three APIs for Integration which we have added to the Notifications category. The LRS Paging APITrack this API facilitates the pager system alerts, notifications, and requests. The LRS Tracker APITrack this API enables developers to locate customers, analyze delivery data, and manage API tokens. The LRS Cloud APITrack this API uses JSON formats to retrieve lists of authorized users and locations, retrieve information about locations and accounts, and retrieve table tracker reporting data.

LRS provides paging systems including the Table Tracker location system

LRS provides paging systems including the Table Tracker location system. Screenshot: LRS

Joinesty is a security platform used to protect sensitive data in organizations. This platform supports legacy and current data, simultaneous attack protection, threat analytics, diagnostics, reporting, and hive threat intelligence. This Joinesty APITrack this API provides access so approved third-party applications can interface via C##, NodeJS and Java SDKs. The Joinesty API is listed under the Security category.

Webflow allows users to build business, eCommerce, portfolio, and landing pages. The Webflow CMS APITrack this API allows developers to modify files, and enable external data sources, and offers access to sites, collections, and items. The Webflow Webhooks API provides real-time notifications for events concerning the CMS. The Webflow APIs are listed under the Content Management category.

Speca is an API design & Documentation platform. The Speca APITrack this API allows developers to create and document an API programmatically. The Speca API can also be used to create, update, list, or delete API versions. It can also export an API as an HTML bundle or Postman collection or export an API's description in OAS3 or Swagger 2.0 format. It is filed under the API category.

Unofficial IMDb (Internet Movie Database) APITrack this API queries information about films, actors, and characters as on the official IMDb site. The API is available via RapidAPI and the endpoints can access include cast, plots, ratings, user reviews, award summary, and production status. It is filed in the Entertainment category. This API is not officially associated with IMDb.com/Amazon.

Unofficial LiveScore APITrack this API queries stats about football, cricket, basketball, tennis, hockey matches, leagues, and sports news, just as on official LiveScore.com sites. Endpoints include lists by league, date, and live event. The API is listed under Sports on ProgrammableWeb. This API is not officially associated with LiveScore.

WebSSL.io provides access to a cryptographic Library built to run within a hardware security module. The WebSSL APITrack this API handles cryptographic message syntax, hardware security module related status, certificate signing, and Encryption. Data is JSON formatted and the API is listed in the Hardware category.

WebdriverIO is a next-gen WebDriver Test Automation Framework. The WebdriverIO API provides access to web testing protocols that includes CRUD methods such as newSession, deleteSession, status, getTimeouts, setTimeouts and more. This is a standard utilizing the W3C WebDriver specification. The WebdriverIO API is listed under the Testing category.

CoinDaddy is a cryptocurrency service company that focuses on making Blockchain technologies more accessible. We have recently added some CoinDaddy APIs to our directory in the Cryptocurrency category.

CoinDaddy Counterparty REST APITrack this API provides access to the Counterparty platform, which is used to embed data into Bitcoin transactions. Counterparty is an open source protocol that can be used to create and trade any kind of digital token and to write Smart Contracts and execute them on the Bitcoin blockchain.

CoinDaddy XChain APITrack this API allows developers to request Counterparty information using REST calls. This API can return basic address information, basic asset information, basic block information, a list of asset balances, and much more.

CoinDaddy Reputation Service APITrack this API allows developers to request reputation information for assets and addresses. It can return information on any registered Counterparty asset and any valid Bitcoin address.

CoinDaddy Counterblock APITrack this API provides developers with additional services beyond those offered by the Counterparty APIs. These services are required by Counterwallet, and potentially other services as well.

CoinDaddy Counterparty JSON-RPC APITrack this API allows other applications to interact with the Counterparty network, which enables users to embed data into Bitcoin transactions.

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