Daily API RoundUp: NLP Cloud, Lendflow, inVOID, Woosmap

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Six APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Loans, Natural Language Processing, and Mapping. Highlights include location APIs from Woosmap and natural language APIs from NLP Cloud. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Woosmap is a partner of Google Maps Platform and offers developer tools for use with the mapping platform. The Woosmap Localities APITrack this API returns geographical places, city names, postal codes, suburbs, airports and more. It autocompletes name, postal code and other information, and also returns points of interest (POI) details. The Woosmap Geolocation APITrack this API offers geolocation information through a RESTful Web Service. Use it to get data about where a user is based on their IP address, and to search for nearby stores and businesses. Both APIs are listed in the Mapping category.

Woosmap API

Screenshot: Woosmap

NLP Cloud API enables developers interact with Natural Language Processing (NLP) models they create or are pre-made. These include modles for Named Entity Recognition, Classification, Summarization, Question answering, Sentiment analysis, and Part of Speech tagging. Pre-made models include spaCY.io models in 15 languages, Facebook's Bart Large MNLI model, Facebook's Bart Large CNN model, Deepset's Roberta Base Squad 2 model and others. This API is in the NLP category.

Lendflow APITrack this API offers developers a way to add and manage capital lending solutions, with methods for pre-qualification, apply for capital loans, retrieve loan applications, get application offers, pull application commercial data, and more. Find this API in the Loans category.

Place.dog API enables users to add a random dog photo to use as a placeholder in websites or applications with one simple line of code. Find this API in the Pets category.

inVOID provides end-to-end identity verification solutions for banks, financial institutions, online gaming, education, communities & rental platforms. The inVOID APITrack this API and SDK offer developers Integration functions for video KYC, digital KYC, ID card and document verification, and face biometrics and liveness. Developers should contact the provider for API and Documentation access. This API is listed in the Biometrics category.

Implement the inVOID API for AI-based selfie identification

Implement the inVOID API for AI-based selfie identification. Image: inVOID

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