Daily API RoundUp: Octoparse, WHO, Splitit, Democracy Club, Peacemakr

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Ten APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Science, Voting, and Extraction. Highlights include the SciTools Plus API for genetic analysis, and the GHO API from the World Health Organization for health data. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Global Health Observatory is data provided from the World Health Organization (WHO) concerning child health, diseases, medicines, immunization, and water quality. The GHO (Global Health Observatory) APITrack this API enables developers to access data and statistics content using OData (Open Data Protocol). The API supports indicators, regions, filters, and returning values for a specific dimension. The GHO OData REST API is listed under the Health category.

Octoparse integrates automated web scraping functionalities with applications. The Octoparse Advanced APITrack this API enables developers to manage web scraping tasks in a group, get task parameters, start tasks, and clear data. The Octoparse Data Export API enables developers to retrieve extracted data, task information, and export data by coordinating with existing applications. Both APIs are listed in the Extraction category.

Democracy Club is a UK organization that focuses on digital infrastructure for democracy. Democracy Club provides the Where Do I Vote APITrack this API to enable users to find a voting station in the UK. The postcode and address endpoints find a user's Polling station based on their home address. It allows the Democracy Club's data to integrate a polling station finder into a website or application. This API is listed in the Voting category.

Peacemakr enables data security on-premises and on the cloud. The service offers secure logging, secure data distribution, hybrid root of trust, encrypted data privacy, forward secrecy, and more. Peacemakr follows strict compliance in numerous regulations including GDPR, and CCPA. The Peacemakr APITrack this API is available indirectly through SDKs, and is filed under Security.

Peacemakr API

Screenshot: Peacemakr

Splitit provides credit card based installment plans on purchases. Splitit transactions are approved based on the customer's credit line, when the card is accepted. The Splitit APITrack this API enables developers to initiate, create, approve, and cancel installment plans in their applications. It is filed under the Credit Cards category.

Open Enclave allows developers to integrate with a secure environment when building applications to help protect their data. Open Enclave applications are partitioned into 2 components: the untrusted component, and the trusted component (the enclave). The protected Container provided by the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) allows enclaves to perform secure computations. The APITrack this API is accessible through SDKs.

Integrated DNA Technologies provides nucleic acid products for the life sciences industry in the areas of academic research, biotechnology, agriculture, medical diagnostics, and pharmaceutical development. The company offers the SciTools Plus APITrack this API which enables developers to incorporate industry-leading oligos, gene analysis, and design services into their own applications. The API supports sequence types, product types, and organism information. It is listed in the Science category.

Unofficial TrackingMore APITrack this API enables developers to get tracking data from TrackingMore, an all-in-one global package tracking tool. The API enables users with support to track and trace international 472 couriers. It is not officially associated wity TrackingMore. It is listed under Shipping.

Investing Cryptocurrency Markets APITrack this API provides data of about all cryptocurrencies, markets, & is ideal for tracking prices and exchange rates. Methods are available to get currencies, get ICO calendar, get rates, and more. The API is in the Cryptocurrency category.

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