Daily API RoundUp: Open People Search, Dgraph, Icon Horse, K-meta

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Six APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including GraphQL, Open Data, and Sustainability. Highlights include an API for keyword research and an API for grabbing favicons or shortcut icons from websites. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


K-meta provides a keyword research tool for SEO and PPC. The K-meta APITrack this API offers ways to query keyword data with parameters such as Domain Organic Research, Domain Paid Research plus keyword by country, type and SERP by time parameters. Find this API in the SEO category.

Open People Search collects data about people from 4000 federal, state and local government agencies in all 50 states. The Open People Search APITrack this API can be used for people, address, phone, email, and work data lookups. Find this API in the Open Data category.

Video: YouTube/Open People Search

Dgraph is a native GraphQL database with a graph backend. The Dgraph APITrack this API offers endpoints for /graphql: to find the GraphQL API for the types you've added. That is the single GraphQL entry point for your apps to Dgraph. And also for /admin, where you find an admin API for administering your GraphQL instance, where you can update your GraphQL schema, perform health checks of your backend, and more. Find this API in the GraphQL category.

Icon Horse APITrack this API enables developers to directly get favicons (and shortcut icons) from any website on the internet. If no icon is found, a fallback image is served, and Icon Horse automatically chooses the most high quality image from what's available. The API is listed in the Graphics category.

Some uses of Icon Horse are described here

Some uses of Icon Horse are described here. Image: Icon Horse

CO2 Offset APITrack this API enables developers to build services for CO2 compensation/offset. Primary use case are carbon footprint tools, reports and analyzers for compensation. Methods are available to retrieve offset information such as compensate, price, comparables, find by owner, certificate and sources. This API is listed under Sustainability.

Me Weather API returns weather forecast in details for Middle East countries.

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