Daily API RoundUp: Open Policy Agent, Voog, CreatorIQ, AddEvent

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Fifteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including eCommerce, Marketing and Authorization. Featured today is an API for managing contracts and eSignature data, and APIs for Integration with AddEvent calendar services. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Request Kittens APITrack this API provides a way to return various cat images. Use the API to Fetch information about a specific cat, get a randomized set of category-specific cat images, return images of cats based on an emotion (ie: grumpy) and more. This API is filed in the Animals category.

Get images of cats sourced from all over the internet with this API

Get images of cats sourced from all over the internet with this API. Screenshot: Request Kittens

Open Assessment Technologies is a provider of computer-based assessment tools for K-12, corporate, and higher education. The company's TAO (Test Assisé par Ordinateur) APITrack this API provides access to test results, and test taker information. It is filed in the Education category.

Worldwide Restaurants APITrack this API enables users to get complete information about restaurants all over the world. Data returned includes address, phone number, email, photos, open hours, reviews and more. This API is listed in the Restaurants category.

Voog is a Platform for creating multilingual websites. The Voog APITrack this API allows users to integrate services into a web application to manage a website's content, templates, files, data, settings and user rights. Use it to customize website designs with Voog that work with HTML-based template codes, CSS and JavaScript. The API is listed under the Web Site Management category.

E-Com Plus is a Brazilian eCommerce software development firm. The E-Com Plus APITrack this API allows developers to integrate cloud-based eCommerce tools and to manage items in a merchant's store. Methods are available for terms and items, including prices, ads, availability, description, specs, and more. The E-Com Plus API is listed under the eCommerce category.

AnalysisPlace provides the Document Generation Service APITrack this API for customized Word and PowerPoint documents. Developers can send JSON formatted data and receive template-based documents. This API updates text, paragraphs, lists, data, tables, images, and charts. This platform uses the same capabilities and methodology as the AnalysisPlace Office add-on for document automation. It is filed in the Documents category.

OpenLaw is a universal legal protocol for Blockchains. The OpenLaw APITrack this API returns Blockchain data for legal applications. The REST API can query, save, and change data in an OpenLaw instance. Methods are available for templates, drafts, contacts, users, community activity and more. The OpenLaw API is filed under the Blockchain category.

DNS-JS.com APITrack this API enables users to Perform DNS queries using a standard REST based API, rather than dealing with the complexities of developing UDP based code. All DNS Query types supported, including A records (IP address resolution) and MX (Mail Exchange) records. This API is listed under the Domains category.

My Simple Contract offers information in French language and API Documentation in English language. The My Simple Contract APITrack this API returns contracts and electronic signature data in JSON format. With the API, developers can implement contracts, custom fields, groups, partners, and templates into applications. The API is listed under the Contracts category.

CreatorIQ is an enterprise influencer marketing platform. The CreatorIQ APITrack this API enables brands to facilitate the management of social media influencers' campaigns. Methods are available to add, update and manage multiple social influencer accounts, manage profile details, and more. It is listed under the Marketing category.

Unofficial Realtor APITrack this API queries properties for sale and rent as on the official site Realtor.com. Endpoints include schools nearby, mortgage calculate, finance rates, for sale, sold, for rent, lists, and autocomplete. This API is provided by an independent developer and not officially associated with Realtor.com. It is listed in the Real Estate category.

AddEvent is an "add to calendar" tool for websites and apps, newsletters, and campaigns. The AddEvent Calendar APITrack this API enables developers to list, create, save, and delete a calendar. AddEvent Events APITrack this API enables users to view and manage events, list the RSVP of an event and view an RSVP attendee. Both APIs are listed in the Calendars category.

Radio Browser is a community-run directory of internet radio and TV stations. The Radio Browser APITrack this API returns internet radio data including stations, lists, countries, URLs, and statistics in JSON and XML formats. With the API, developers can integrate radio data into applications. It is filed under Media.

Open Policy Agent is a policy-based control designed for cloud environments. The Open Policy Agent APITrack this API enables CRUD endpoints for managing policy modules. The API can be utilized to retrieve and modify policies in applications. The Open Policy Agent API is an installable, REST platform that returns JSON formatted responses. The Open Policy Agent API is listed under the Authorization category.

Open Policy Agent API

Screenshot: Open Policy Agent

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