Daily API RoundUp: Openwhyd, Multicycles, SignUp Genius, Shrimpy

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Fifteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Cryptocurrency, News Services, and eCommerce. Featured today are an API for enhancing baby care apps, an API for bike sharing services, and an API for retrieving hiking trails data. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Amazon's Baby Activity Skill API allows Alexa users to enhance their baby care applications with hands-free tracking. The API includes pre-built templates for interfaces about baby health, weight, sleep, diaper change, etc., so developers can build baby activity skills devices and applications. Voice prompts such as "Alexa, when was Jane's last diaper change?" would be possible with the API. It is listed in our Babies category.

Hiking Project is a crowdsourced hiking Portal that provides hiking maps, trail guides, reviews and photos submitted by fellow hikers. It is part of REI's Adventure Projects network. The Hiking Project Data API provides access to some of the data found on the publicly available pages of the Hiking Project website. Developers can retrieve trails by maximum distance, minimum trail length, or minimum star rating. They can also get conditions for a given trail or retrieve a list of up to 200 of a user's hike to-dos. This API is listed in our Nature category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Nature APIs.

Access data about 55,272 trails with Hiking Project API

Access data about 55,272 trails with Hiking Project API. Image: Adventure Projects/REI

TheMealDB is a database of recipes with photos. The TheMealDB API enables access to an open online database of food meal recipes that integrates into applications, web etc. This is a simple JSON API with features like, high quality transparent PNG ingredients, meal image uploads, browse meals in sequence and more. TheMealDB originated on the Kodi forums as a cool way to browse recipes on users' TVs. The API is listed in our Food category.

Openwhyd is a music curation service that can be used to create playlists of music tracks from multiple streaming platforms (including YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo, and Deezer), and to discover music that others have posted. Openwhyd is free and open-source. The Openwhyd Data Export API allows developers to download a list of tracks for any user profile or playlist publicly posted on Openwhyd. The Openwhyd User API enables users to interact with their Openwhyd accounts from 3rd-party software. The API can be used to read or update lists of tracks associated with the user. Both APIs are listed under the Music category.

Homebase is free online employee scheduling software. The Homebase API enables developers to integrate employee scheduling, time tracking, team communication, and hiring tools into third-party applications. Homebase offers drag-and-drop scheduling and a mobile interface. The API is listed in our Scheduling category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Scheduling APIs.

Multicycles is an application that enables access to different bicycle rental services, bike share services, scooter shares and shared cars. Multicycles is available in more than 650 cities. The Multicycles GraphQL API allows users to query data about shared vehicles from a large group of providers in a single request, and to locate and book the vehicles closest to you. The API allows users to aggregate user accounts into one, get trips history, and unlock vehicles. More than 40 providers are currently implemented and more are regularly added. This is a free, open source API that is added to our Transportation category.. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Transportation APIs.

Create apps for booking shared bikes and other vehicles with Multicycles API

Create apps for booking shared bikes and other vehicles with Multicycles API. Image: Multicycles.org

ParkMyCloud provides cloud cost control services. Their SaaS offering allows enterprises to manage and optimize their spending across multiple public clouds. The ParkMyCloud API is for use by authorized customers or trial users to help save money on cloud infrastructure costs by shutting down instances when they are not needed and helping to rightsize instances. The ParkMyCloud API is listed under the Software-as-a-Service category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Software-as-a-Service APIs.

Stock News API is a simple HTTP REST API that enables users to get the latest stock news, including videos, from popular news sources including Bloomberg Technology, MarketWatch, The Motley Fool, The Street, CNBC, and Seeking Alpha. Developers can implement the API to get relevant video and article content about companies in the stock market. There is a free developer pricing plan available. The API is listed in our Stocks category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Stocks APIs.

SignUp Genius provides a free service for online sign-up forms for organizing events and volunteers. The SignUp Genius API allows users to sign up, organize activities, and send reminders for volunteer groups, non-profits, charities, and schools. The API is listed under the Forms category.

Organizations can add signup features to apps with SignUP Genius API

Organizations can add signup features to apps with SignUP Genius API. Screenshot: SignUp Genius

RSS News API is a free API that allows developers to add news feeds to applications. Available parameters include language, category, order, and news limit. Responses are provided as JSON objects. The API is listed under the News Services category.

Unofficial Zappos is an API that provides access to the Zappos website. The API allows users to query by shoe category, products, or product details. It is listed in the eCommerce category.

Salsify is a Product Experience Management (PXM) Platform that combines content management, syndication & publishing, and digital shelf analytics. The Salsify API returns data for brands that include content, eCommerce, and products. API methods are available to manage products, imports, properties, digital assets, and lists. The Salsify API is listed under the eCommerce category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of eCommerce APIs.

Shrimpy provides a platform for cryptocurrency trading, portfolio allocation, and real-time data collection. The Shrimpy API offers access to accounts, users, trading assets, and analytics. JSON is the preferred response format for this API, which supports cryptocurrencies such as KuCoin, Binance, Stellar, Quantstamp, Kraken, and many others. The Shrimpy API is listed under the Cryptocurrency category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Cryptocurrency APIs.

LiteGo is a payment gateway with a REST interface designed allow users to accept Bitcoin Lightning Payments on websites and applications with near-zero transaction fees. The LiteGo API supports retrieving withdrawals, payments, and charges. LiteGo charges 0.1% for incoming API payments. The API is listed under the Bitcoin category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Bitcoin APIs.

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