Daily API RoundUp: Opsmatic plus Wolfram|Alpha, Twitch.tv, and Parse Libraries

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Three new APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory today in Platform-as-a-Service, Privacy, and Conversions categories. Also added: client libraries for Twitch.tv, Wolfram|Alpha, and Parse.


Opsmatic services users who are interested in monitoring operations, promoting collaboration, and improving performance of DevOps teams. The Opsmatic API provides configuration via the REST protocol. The API basics include calls with HTTPS access, data sent and received in JSON, and Authentication with tokens.

Features of Opsmatic DevOps API
One feature of Opsmatic is instant awareness of any critical change / image: Opsmatic


This API is listed under the Platform-as-a-Service category. See ProgrammableWeb’s complete list of Platform-as-a-Service APIs.

The Data Privacy Compliance API encodes data privacy and protection laws from around the world and returns risk and compliance assessments regarding the use of a person’s personal data. Users of the API can safely publish, store, delete, and transfer personal data or personally identifiable information (PII). This is a REST Web Service API written in the Wolfram Language. We’ve categorized the Data Privacy Compliance API under the Privacy category. See ProgrammableWeb’s complete list of Privacy APIs.

DocConversion provides simple document conversion services. Specifically, the DocConversion API provides REST protocols to convert Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files to images and PDFs. With this service, developers can use a PDF viewer, test the API without code, and manage account administration. An API Key is required to access DocConversion. We’ve listed this API under the Conversions category. See ProgrammableWeb’s complete list of Conversions APIs.


Wolfram|Alpha is a “computational knowledge engine.” It contains trillions of pieces of data, 50K+ types of algorithms and models, and linguistic capabilities for 1000+ domains. The Wolfram|Alpha API allows users to submit free-form queries and get back full Wolfram|Alpha output in a variety of formats. The Wolfram Alpha .Net SDK by Ian Qvist is an implementation that uses .NET/C#. The Wolfram|Alpha API focuses on high-level computing, and this SDK supports options such as assumptions and timings for symbolical quantities.

Twitch.tv is a video game broadcasting and chat community that features, tournaments, leagues, and commentary. Online users can broadcast their game play or watch others play games. The Twitch.tv API, composed of a REST API and a JavaScript SDK, provides access to Twitch.tv data, including user, channel, and team information.

Twitch TV random channels screenshot
Twitch.tv screenshot showcases a variety of channels, games, players, and viewers
that are on the service / image: Twitch TV


The Twitch.tv Java Library, by GitHub user mb3364, allows developers to integrate the Twitch.tv API v3 into their Java applications. This Library’s dependencies are the Java Async HTTP Client v2.1.2 and Jackson JSON Processor v2.4.5.

Offered by Facebook, Parse is a Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform for mobile applications. With the APIs, developers can have their web server show data from Parse on a website, upload large amounts of data that will later be consumed in a mobile app, download recent data to run their own custom analytics, and more. This Parse Node.js Library by Michael Leveton allows developers to integrate the Parse API into their Node.js applications. Code examples are provided.

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