Daily API RoundUp: Oura, Shotstack, ClickSWITCH, Globe, Smartvel

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Five APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Payments, Wearables, and Cryptocurrency. Highlights include an API for accessing data from a wearable ring that collects activity data and an API for easing direct deposit switching. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


ClickSWITCH enables easy direct bank deposit switching, in which users can choose which financial institution to deposit their payments, or switch to another choice. The ClickSWITCH APITrack this API offers programmatic access to the service, with methods for managing employees, types, customers, targets, switches, Webhooks and more. This API is listed in the Open Banking category of the ProgrammableWeb API directory.


Screenshot: ClickSWITCH

Globe Websockets APITrack this API offers streaming subscription notifications about cryptocurrency market trading. Get market depth, product lists, product detail, recent trades, market overview, open interest, insurance fund data and more about bitcoin, XBT, ETH, UNISWAP, VXBT and more with this API, which is listed in the Cryptocurrency category.

Oura is a wearable ring with sensors that measure a user's heart rate and body temperature. Those readings are used to give daily Readiness, Sleep, and Activity scores of the user. The Oura Cloud APITrack this API provides data from the sensors including personal information, daily summaries, data types, readiness, sleep times and scores, activity, and ideal bedtime. Developers can use this data to create applications for research, sports teams, health organizations, etc. It is listed in the Wearable category.

Smartvel provides AI powered travel content. The Smartvel destination content APITrack this API offers integrateable access to thousands of events and up to date raw travel content for destinations. Information is sourced from 400 online sources, Open Data, travel blogs, agreements with activity suppliers and more. Interested developers need to contact the provider for API and Documentation access. The Smartvel API is listed in the Travel category.

Shotstack is a cloud video editing API. The Shotstack APITrack this API enables users to automate video creation with JSON. Methods are available to render video and get render status. The Shotstack API is listed in the Video category.

Shotstack API

Screenshot: Shotshack

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