Daily API RoundUp: Particle Health, Find By Plate, Le New Black, Webit

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Seven APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Auto, Healthcare, and Languages. Highlights include an API that retrieves ancient Greek language data and an API that changes recipes to suit dietary needs. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Particle Health APITrack this API offers access to health records for over 250 million unique patients across the U.S. The API is compliant to FHIR and C-CDA standards and operates in a HIPAA compliant manner. Data returned includes name, address, date of birth, gender, phone, purpose of use, SSN and more. Registration is required for API use and Documentation. Particle Health's API is also capable of screening patients for co-morbidities associated with Coronavirus infection. This API is listed in the Healthcare category.

FindbyPlate.com is an online Resource to search by license plate numbers and report bad drivers. The Find By Plate APITrack this API enables users to input a license number and retrieve data such as reports about the car, images, videos, comments or even related websites that have been submitted by website users. This API is listed in the Auto category.

Users can get information about reported license plates via Find By Plate API

Users can get information about reported license plates via Find By Plate API. Screenshot: FindbyPlate.com

Ancient Greek WordNet is a database of the Greek language from Mycenaean and Homeric epics. The Ancient Greek WordNet APITrack this API exposes the data from the database in in JSON format. This includes detailed information about individual lemmas (canonical form, dictionary form, or citation form of a set of words) and synsets (synonymous words), translation, and sentiment analysis. Ancient Greek WordNet is a collaboration between Harvard's Center for Hellenic Studies, the University of Exeter, and the University of Pavia. The API is listed in the Languages category.

BonAPI Dynamic Recipe APITrack this API enables recipes to become suitable to different diets. The API enables users to make recipes vegetarian, vegan or allergen-free. All unsuitable ingredients are replaced by suitable ones through the use of the data profile of each ingredient as well as by analyzing the cooking instructions. The API is listed in the Nutrition category.

Le New Black is a B2B wholesale fashion Platform, offering online "showrooms" for designers. The Le New Black APITrack this API enables brand users to integrate with the platform, with API methods to manage data about products, orders, inventory, fashion lines, materials, retailers, sizes, fabrics, collections and more. The API is listed in the Fashion category.

Webit provides tools for cognitive web services including internet search, language detection and text analytics. The Webit Keyword Search APITrack this API allows developers to implement text autosuggestion, autocomplete, trending topics and keywords search into web-connected applications and services. The Webit News Search APITrack this API allows developers to build web-connected applications and services capable of retrieving constantly updated and organized information from the world. Retrieve trending articles or articles by keyword or language search.

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