Daily API RoundUp: PayByFace, Fullscript, XEDI, AnonyFlow, Papyrs

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Ten APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Wiki, Health, and Privacy. Highlights include an API for a service that allows customers to purchase items via a selfie, and an API that aggregates several sports betting APIs. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


PayByFace is a service that enables customers to make purchases with a selfie. The PayByFace APITrack this API enables developers to integrate customer biometric face templates with a tokenized card on file. Then customers may pay for items by having their faces scanned by a Point of Sale (PoS) tablet camera. The payment is then processed via an e-commerce payment gateway without the need for the end users to touch anything. This API is listed in the Payments category.

Enable customers to pay by a face photo at checkout with PayByFace API

Enable customers to pay by a face photo at checkout with PayByFace API. Screenshot: PayByFace

Fullscript is a virtual health supplement dispensary with 300+ professional brands. The Fullscript APITrack this API enables health practitioners to prescribe vitamins and other health supplements to patients. The API includes methods for managing clinics including patients and treatment plans, and catalog featuring allergens, brands, supplement type and more. This API is filed in the Health category of the ProgrammableWeb directory.

AnonyFlow APITrack this API offers Encryption-based data anonymization/deanonymization, Enabling GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA data privacy protection compliance. Developers can anonymize and deanonymize data packets and data values with this API, which is listed in the Privacy category.

XEDI enables businesses to exchange documents with trading partners using EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) software. XEDI offers automated tools to receive orders from retail customers and send invoices for automatic payments. By using EDI, developers can enable efficient and accurate data transfer between businesses and organizations. The XEDI APITrack this API is available indirectly via SDKs. Find it it in the Business category.

MetaBet provides sports betting monetization tools for content creators. MetaBet Odds APITrack this API aggregates data from sportsbook operators into one API available in JSON and XML formats. Pre-game and in-play data covers MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, College Basketball, College Football, Big 5 European Soccer (Bundesliga, EPL, La Liga, Ligue 1, Serie A), and MLS. Data returned includes date, over/under, spreadline and more. Find this API in the Gambling category.

MetaBet API aggregates data from other betting APIs

MetaBet API aggregates data from other betting APIs. Screenshot: MetaBet

Travel Portal Solution (TPS) Flight REST APITrack this API that aggregates air travel services such as Travel Boutique Online, Trip Jack, EMT, Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre, etc. TPS API enables users to integrate all supplier APIs and Get results with a single request URL. API access and Documentation is available to registered users. Find this API in the Air Travel category.

Azion allows users to build future-proof applications that benefit from an Edge network to manage security, and provides engineer-to-engineer & pay-per-use pricing services. The Azion APITrack this API is a RESTful service for integrating systems with the Azion edge computing Platform, with methods for managing digital certificates, domains, edge applications, Intelligent DNS and more. Find this API in the Storage category.

Googio is a simple to use automated Google Search APITrack this API. The API supports advance searches, images, and news. Perform unlimited Google searches without worrying about captchas, proxies, or infrastructure via this API. Methods are available for status, search, news, images, crawl, and SERP. The API is listed in the Search category.

Troposphere Weather APITrack this API provides hyperlocal forecasts, historic climate data und location/place search. Get data about temperature, wind, rain, humidity, pressure, snow, air quality index, sunshine hours and more with this API, which is filed in the Weather category.

Papyrs is a knowledge base platform for businesses. Papyrs APITrack this API enables developers to build integrations on and automate workflows in Papyrs. It's a simple REST API which can be used to create, search and edit content. Example API usage includes programmatically importing existing content, posting content based on an external action, automatically posting content at certain time intervals (like a weekly check-in for the team), posting comments or building a unified search. The Papyrs API is listed in the Wiki category.

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